Teresa Giudice Sentencing: What It Means For ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’

Teresa Giudice is headed off to prison for 15 months, and her future as one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is now in jeopardy.

On Thursday, a federal judge sentenced Teresa to more than a year in prison and gave her husband a 41-month sentence. Under federal sentencing guidelines, both are required to serve 85 percent of their sentence, but even with the small reduction it would but Teresa’s future with Real Housewives of New Jersey in jeopardy.

In the days leading up the Teresa’s sentencing, there were widespread rumors that Bravo was going to fire her from the show, but that doesn’t appear to be the case — at least not while there’s still ratings to be had from her legal troubles.

While Teresa Giudice has reportedly been shopping around with celebrity news outlets to do a tell-all interview, Bravo reportedly stepped in and reminded her that she’s under contractual obligation with them. That means that she will be doing a sit-down interview with Andy Cohen in a special called Watch What Happens Live: One-on-One With Teresa and Joe.

“Andy has the first right of refusal under Teresa’s contract with Bravo. Obviously, Andy and Bravo know this will be ratings gold, and wouldn’t pass up the chance to interview Teresa one-on-one, after she is sentenced on October 2,” a source told Radar Online.

“Teresa had been in talks with several entertainment shows to do a paid interview, but now that won’t be happening,” the source added. “She has to tell Bravo in writing what media interviews she is doing, and Bravo has the right to do it first. This interview will be separate from the reunion show.”

It remains to be seen how much longer Teresa will remain on the show, or how much filming she could miss when reporting for her prison sentence early in 2015, but at least for now she remains on the cast.

But Teresa Giudice’s sentencing may have another, more difficult side-effect for Real Housewives of New Jersey. The sentencing proceedings on Thursday shed light on some of the show’s contrived nature. When the judge asked the Giudices how their $3 million home had only $25,000 worth of furniture, they revealed that producers had actually bought the furniture seen on television.

[Image via Bravo]