‘Destiny’ Loot Cave: How To Find A New Map Location For Legendary Engram Items For Weapons And Armor

The Destiny loot cave has become infamous in the gaming world because it highlights how gamers are willing to go to any lengths to avoid endless grinding through repetitive strike missions. For others, the Destiny loot cave simply brings focus on how some believe the Destiny loot system is flawed and too slow-paced for a rapid-fire gaming world. Still, others simply want to know any new Destiny loot cave map location so they can snag some easy legendary engram items in order to upgrade the light on their armor and weapons. So what exactly is the trick to the Destiny loot cave?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Destiny patch recently released attempts to resolve some of the core game design issues that created the need for the Destiny loot cave in the first place.

When Bungie invented the Destiny loot system they declared they wanted gamers to have an epic story behind every piece of legendary armor and weapons they collect. Besides trying to prevent easy grinding for loot, Bungie also justified the decision to not include a Destiny item trading system between friends for this same reason. It could be said they neatly sidestepped the item trading black markets of other popular online games, but sometimes this decision causes issues you snag legendary armor… for the wrong class! Yet, Bungie makes it impossible to trade that useless item to your friends.

Unfortunately, the mere existence of the Destiny loot cave shows another flaw in Bungie’s logic. The current system randomly drops loot from any given enemy and a legendary item may drop from either a low level Dreg all the way up to a level 26 Centurion. The Destiny loot system also does not directly reward the players for defeating a boss, which some might say takes away from the epic moment. The game does reward players with random loot at the end of the mission, but some players have noted that good performance does not necessarily correlate with receiving legendary items.

This is what makes the Destiny loot cave work at all. Each time a player kills an enemy they’re essentially rolling a dice on receiving Destiny’s legendary items. So the loophole in the loot system allows players to find a Destiny map location where a large horde of easy-to-kill enemies continuously respawn.

The second trick to making a Destiny loot cave work is to create distance from yourself and the enemies. The bad guys often won’t respawn if a guardian is standing right near their spawn point. When I’ve spotted gamers mining a Destiny loot cave they’re usually standing a good distance away.

Lastly, finding a new Destiny loot cave doesn’t necessarily mean you are searching for a literal cave; it just means people are looking for spots where endless hordes of enemies keep respawning. The reason the Destiny loot cave was called a cave in the first place is because the map location is often a small cave-like dead end where enemies emerge from in droves. So as you look for a new Destiny loot cave map location, keep in mind they’re most likely going to be located in a dead end or a side path even though it may not be physically a cave per se.

What do you think Bungie should do about Destiny’s loot system?