Pot Smokers Asked Basic Government Questions Outside Pot Shop - Answers Will Make You Lose Hope For America! [Video]

One of the hottest topics in government today is the legalization of marijuana. Though legal in many states such as Colorado and California, marijuana is still a hot topic for both debate and a platform in politics. Taking in the fact that not all states do not support legal marijuana, more pro-marijuana companies and organizations are getting involved in politics by vesting money and in either candidates who support their cause, or at least lobbyists who will lobby candidates that support their cause.

However, Jimmy Kimmel on his show Jimmy Kimmel LIVE gave his insight that pro-marijuana companies shouldn't worry as much about lobbyists and candidates but on voters. Makes sense because if the voters who support marijuana don't vote in favor of their needs and desires, how are they ever going to get want they want for themselves (and the country). Kimmel also wondered if marijuana users know enough about politics to make an impact within our nation. To test this, he sent out a crew to do a "man on the street" questionnaire with people in front of a pot store.

The Blaze also reported on this in which they expressed disdain. Just in the title alone, their reaction to responses are said to be hilariously depressing. The questionnaire did not just consists of basic government questions. There were questions that were somewhat stereotypical for pot smokers, in which they were answered with flying colors. Some examples includes a person named Alex who couldn't remember who the leader of North Korea presently is, but was able to name the lead actor for the movie, Pineapple Express(Seth Rogen). Another woman didn't even know who the current pope was but definitely knew that Pizza Hut's new stuffed crust pizza ingredient is bacon.

The video has been attached above for your viewing. Afterwards, please let everyone know what you think about these people's responses to basic government questions in the comments below.

[Image via Screencap of Jimmy Kimmel Live video "Pot Quiz"]