Emily Ratajkowski Claims Her Breasts Are Real, Reveals Father’s Creepy Comment About Nude Photos

Emily Ratajkowski has something that she wants to get off of her chest. Not literally, of course — she definitely wants to keep her famous breasts. There’s just something she wants people to know about them.

The brunette beauty got topless in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video, so obviously her breasts get tons of attention. Because Ratajkowski is such a slim girl with such a large bust, apparently some people think that her ample assets are fake. However, Emily recently told Cosmopolitan that they’re 100 percent real (and fabulous).

Emily Ratajkowski’s career is set to really take off thanks to her role in the upcoming thriller Gone Girl. Like fellow busty model Kate Upton, Emily is trying to get into acting, and so far she’s done a better job at scoring juicy roles than her blonde counterpart. Gone Girl is getting tons of critical attention, and Ratajkowski’s role’s is an envy-worthy one — she’s playing the mistress of Ben Affleck’s character.

Jennifer Garner better be glad that Emily Ratajkowski didn’t fall for Ben Affleck while working with him, because the “feminist” model bragged that she can “wear what she wants, sleep with whom she wants, and dance how she wants.”

Sometimes when Emily wears what she wants, it ends up being very little. The model has posed nude before, which is an action that many parents wouldn’t approve of. However, her dad is actually a fan of her naked photo shoots. According to Life & Style, Ratajkowski recently shared her father’s weird response to her first nude shoot.

“I just saw the photos and you’re as beautiful a model as you were as a five-year-old.”

Make of that comment what you will.

There’s no word on how Emily Ratajkowski’s father feels about her leaked nude photos. According to The Independent, Emily was one of the victims of the celebrity hackers responsible for “The Fappening.” A few of her stolen photos were shared on Reddit, 4chan, and other websites. Other victims included Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Hope Solo, and Gabrielle Union. Dozens of famous women were targeted by the hackers.

However, “The Fappening II” didn’t seem to have much of a negative effect on Ratajkowski — she responded to it by sharing a topless Instagram photo. At least she didn’t have to worry about it embarrassing her parents.

According to MTV News, Emily Ratajkowski is going to continue proving that she’s more than just a pretty face and an amazing body by starring alongside Zac Efron in the 2015 movie We Are Your Friends. She’s also set to play herself in the Entourage movie. Are you looking forward to seeing more of Emily on the silver screen?

[Image via Cosmopolitan, Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram]