Rita Ora Just Wants To Be A Celebrity, Says DJ Fresh

Rita Ora may have her mind set on releasing a new album next year but some people think she’s much more interested in achieving celebrity status.

Not only is the singer planning to unleash her first album in North America during the first part of 2015, Ora also appears in the upcoming adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Since Rita has her fingers in a number of entertaining pies, this prompted DJ Fresh to suggest she’s just in it for the fame and fortune.

During his chat with Digital Spy the DJ took a moment to address musicians who aren’t entirely dedicated to the craft. In his opinion, they’re just recording songs in order to become worldwide celebrities. In his humble opinion, Rita Ora fits the bill.

“I think some people kind of put that to the back of what’s important to them. Some artists are much more focused on being big public celebrities than they are on actually making their music. I guess for me and Tinie we’re both focused on our music, it’s great when that’s the case and you can get the opportunity to not have those issues with record labels, and all the stuff that shouldn’t really affect music.”

“I guess someone like Rita Ora. Obviously I’ve worked with her but I think that’s a different sort of artist. It’s somebody who’s kind of doing film and fashion shoots and is much more diversified and not so focused on being an artist. Then you get people like Jack White who’s completely the opposite. Different strokes for different folks.”

Sadly, DJ Fresh may have a point. Although Rita Ora is working on a brand new album, the media is still more interested in her failed relationship with Calvin Harris, her role in Fifty Shades of Grey, and her budding relationship with Ricky Wilson. Some may say this sort of attention isn’t Ora’s fault, though it doesn’t seem she’s doing anything to get the press focused on her forthcoming musical endeavors.

However, Rita Ora insists that her upcoming album is coming together quite nicely. In the midst of all the drama surrounding her breakup with Harris, Ora dropped a few details about the new songs. In her opinion, fans should have absolutely no complaints.

“I wanted to make sure my band onstage was tight as f**k. And the new album is exactly that — it’s tight, it’s clean, it’s not confusing. It’s who I wanted to work with.”

Do you agree with DJ Fresh that Rita Ora is more obsessed with becoming an international celebrity than a respected recording artist?

[Lead image via Wallerz]