Want Legalized Marijuana? 50% Of Americans Do [Gallup Poll]

Medicinal marijuana is still a hot button topic for federal, state and local governments and now a recent Gallup poll says 50% of American’s support the use of pot for medical purposes.

According to the report the number of people who support the measure are divided by political ideologies with 69% of liberals, 34% of conservatives and 57% of moderates supporting the measure.

The study also found that a majority of people in the South still believe marijuana should be illegal.

Among those people polled 62% of Americans aged 18-29 want to see the drug legalized while 31% of people over 65-years-old also agree that pot should be legalized.


Last year the same question about legalized marijuana was asked by Gallup and a new high was reached when 46% of people supported legalized marijuana. In comparison only 12% of people surveyed in 1969 said the supported the legalization of marijuana.

It wasn’t until Bill Clinton made his “I didn’t inahle” comments that legalized marijuana began to gain support and then in 2009 a survey found that 17 million Americans ages 11 and up use marijuana at least once per month.

Does it surprise you to learn that half of all Americans now support the legalization of marijuana not just for medicinal use but also for regular everyday consumption?