WWE News: Chris Jericho Returning To WWE Sooner Rather Than Later?

Chris Jericho left the WWE Universe too soon after his most recent-run came to an end. If it wasn’t enough to have Jericho face off against Bray Wyatt, their promo abilities were off the charts. If there is a microphone in either man’s hand, the WWE Universe will listen. Not enough words can explain their brilliance on the stick, so here’s a clip of Wyatt and Jericho going back-and-forth during a Raw segment backstage:

You’re able to hear Wyatt and feel what he feels. There is nobody better in the WWE, except for maybe Paul Heyman, who is able to evoke the emotion that Wyatt does. The “Eater of Worlds” brought the best out of Chris Jericho and vice-versa. As for the man formerly-known as Lionheart, his departure from WWE is already being felt.

They are at a loss for top-babyface wrestlers. John Cena and Dean Ambrose round out the group, and two is not enough for a dominant professional wrestling corporation. There’s absolutely no excuse to have only two top-babyface wrestlers. Luckily, that won’t be lasting long.

According to WrestlingInc.com, Chris Jericho’s return to the WWE may occur sooner, rather than later.

“As noted yesterday, Chris Jericho is advertised for several WWE shows during their overseas tour in November, including the Nov. 10th show in Bournemouth, England, the SmackDown taping in Liverpool, England on Nov. 11, and the Nov. 15 show in Frankfurt, Germany. Jericho teased his return on his latest podcast that dropped today.”

“[My] latest run with the WWE is over for now, but don’t worry,” Jericho said. “I will be back sooner than you think, especially for my friends over in the UK and Germany.”

There’s a current-theme to Jericho’s return to the WWE. He comes back to an uproar of cheers and excitement. Then, he’ll insert himself into a feud with a young superstar. After they trade a few matches, a huge moment will occur that sets that specific young person apart from any young guy on the roster.

Return. Put Over Young Star. Leave. Repeat.

The difference between Jericho and other WWE part-time guys is his motive for returning in the first place. It is not about the money in the least bit. Jericho loves professional wrestling and the WWE. The other part-time guys may be interested in a championship, money or just the sense of being on television. Without Jericho, who knows where the WWE would be in terms of building young talent. I mean; Jericho did invent everything right?

Dolph Ziggler talked about part-time wrestlers a few months ago and didn’t totally reject the idea of having them on-board. When he talks about the business-side, there is no denying that part-time guys make the WWE money. However, it does take away a spot for a young gun. In a few months, Jericho will be back performing for the millions. Which young star will he put over this time?

[Image via fansided.com]