Scientist Create New Pill As An Answer To Shots But It Looks Like A Sadist Designed It [Video]

Most people know that, in general, doctors are around to help you stay healthy. It is a profession that should get the utmost respect compared to the risks involved and the regulations enacted. However, most people — though understanding of how important a doctor’s appointment is — dread the doctor’s visit. Why? It is because of certain methods and tools used during said appointments. The Inquisitr reported on such methods in which implants and IUDs were suggested for birth control. Or in a sad turn of events, a man getting a circumcision lost more than just his foreskin.

One such procedure that most people don’t like when they visit the doctor are shots. Either called injections, needles, or any other synonym, everyone knows what they are. Fortunately for those who don’t like them, scientists have come up with a new way of injecting drugs through pills.

According to MIT News, a new drug-delivery capsule — or pill — was invented in which it is coated with tiny needles. It will then be able to deliver drugs directly through the lining of the digestive tract. This idea came from the research that most patients would prefer to take a drug orally instead of getting an injection (shot). With this reasoning, why haven’t more drugs been made to be taken orally? Makes perfect sense if most people are willing to swallow a pill over getting pricked by a needle, right? The reason is because most drugs, especially the ones made of large proteins, break down in the stomach before they are even absorbed.

This is where the new pill comes in. Researchers at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) made the pill. Research on animals show that the pill did a better job injecting insulin than through injection under the skin. What is amazing is the fact that there were no harmful side effects as the capsule passed through the digestive track.

Giovanni Traverso, a researcher at MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, gastroenterologist at MGH, and one of the lead authors of the paper, which appears in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, made a statement about the new pill.

“This could be a way that the patient can circumvent the need to have an infusion or subcutaneous administration of a drug.”

The Blaze, however, did come up with an interesting observation. With so many needles on the pill, wouldn’t it hurt if it were taken orally? MIT made sure to research that too, in which previous studies have shown that ingestion of sharp objects do not result in pain because the GI tract doesn’t have pain receptors. Also, the pins would initially be covered when swallowed with a coating that would break down in the stomach.

After reading the details of this brand new method of delivering drugs into the system, what do you think? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Image via MIT]