Kaley Cuoco’s Husband Made Less Than $200 This Year, Has No Ambition

Kaley Cuoco came along at exactly the right time in Ryan Sweeting’s life — without the big salary of The Big Bang Theory actress, the tennis pro would probably be homeless and broke.

Or at least this is the picture that Star magazine paints of Sweeting’s finances. The tabloid reports that Kaley Cuoco’s husband has only earned a paltry $156 in prize money so far this year. Ryan Sweeting is a professional tennis player, but he’s no longer on the American Tennis Association’s list of ranked players. In 2011, he was No. 64 on the list.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaley Cuoco recently shared what may be evidence of her husband’s declining tennis skills. The Big Bang Theory star humiliated her husband by beating him at tennis and she posted a video of Ryan Sweeting’s angry reaction on Instagram.

A few days before she shared the video, Kaley talked about how competitive she is. Cuoco told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that she’s obsessed with beating Sweeting at tennis. Unfortunately, it looks like her triumph is an indication that Ryan Sweeting’s career as a pro is almost over.

However, an insider told Star that Ryan isn’t worried about staying competitive and not being able to bring home the bacon.

“Ryan knows that his tennis career is all but over. He doesn’t have the ambition to compete for the big bucks. And why should he? He has a rich wife.”

Kaley Cuoco is making $1 million per episode on The Big Bang Theory, so her husband definitely doesn’t have to worry about his financial future. And if he ever decides that he wants to go to work after he retires from tennis, being Mr. Kaley Cuoco could open up a lot of doors.

Or maybe Kaley would prefer for Ryan to be a stay-at-home dad. The actress has been talking a lot about babies recently, so it’s obvious that she wants to be a mom. According to Us Weekly, Cuoco told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that she and Sweeting “can’t wait” to become parents. However, she wants to practice taking care of her dogs a little longer before she commits to raising a human kid. Ryan also needs plenty of practice if he ends up retiring from tennis to take care of their baby.

However, during a June interview with E! News Kaley Cuoco hinted that she wants to get pregnant sooner rather than later. The fitness enthusiast explained why she’s been showing off her toned torso so much recently.

“I’m trying to get all those crop tops in before the day comes that I’m pregnant!”

She went on to say that she “can’t wear those for much longer!”

Do you think Ryan Sweeting will decide to become a stay-at-home dad after Kaley Cuoco has a baby?

[Image credit: Kaley Cuoco/Instagram]