Comcast Home Security Fail: Washington Family’s Teenage Son Nearly Died

A Comcast home security fail nearly cost a Washington family’s teenage son his life. When the security system failed, intruders broke in and showed them the hard way just how effective it was.

Had the Comcast XFINITY system worked the way it was supposed to, the family might have at least had some warning before the mother found her child in his gruesome state. Mere weeks after moving into their Kirkland home, Leena Rawat had the worst night of her life.

Rawat’s son was sleeping in the basement when intruders on a mission to kill found no problem entering through the window. Because the basement was armed with motion sensors, the Comcast representative claimed there was no reason to put an alarm on the window itself. That judgment call proved almost fatal for their son Deep Rawat, whose injuries almost left him bleeding to death.

Leena Rawat stated that on Comcast’s installation papers, the home was verified as “intruder proof.” The family is suing Comcast because their home security failed to keep their son safe in his bed in September 2013.

When Deep Rawat was found that night, his mother claims he was “full of blood from head to toe, with gashes. He was in the worst situation possible that a mother wants to see her child in.”

From the look of the injuries, it seemed apparent that the intruders had ripped the 18-year-old from his bed and proceeded to torture him, trying to cut off his arm and leg. Doctors were unsure if he would survive.

The Rawats’ attorney Ken Friedman explained how ridiculously ineffective the system and Comcast’s explanation really was.

“If their argument is to be accepted, they could put in empty black boxes throughout the house and say, ‘That’s your system.’ And then something goes wrong, and they say, ‘We never promised you it would work.'”

This is very similar to a financial nightmare encountered by a man near Chicago who had purchased the entire package, only to encounter numerous problems right away as previously reported by The Inquisitr. It seems this Comcast home security fail wasn’t the first, but it turned out to be the most brutal so far.

Leena Rawat relives the nightmare of seeing her son the way he was that night every day. She is willing to use her trauma in an attempt to teach Comcast an expensive lesson.

Sadly, the lesson may fall on deaf ears because Comcast’s official statement about the Comcast home security fail was as follows.

“We want to take this opportunity to extend our sympathies to the Rawat family. However, after a review of our records, we are confident that our home security system functioned properly.”

Apparently, the cable TV company will never learn, but the Rawat family is willing to try.

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