October 2, 2014
So What If Selena Gomez's Assistant Unfollowed Justin Bieber On SelGo's Instagram?

The Selena Gomez unfollows Justin Bieber on Instagram and what this may mean for their relationship -- and civilization as we know it -- question has a twist.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, it was actually Selena's personal assistant Theresa Marie who unfollowed the Biebs first on Wednesday.

Marie, who has access to Gomez's Instagram account, made the mistake of posting a pic of herself on Selena's Instagram before posting a promotional shot of her boss, which she quickly deleted.

Theresa Marie

(Photo: via Instagram.)

Bizarrely, the assistant owned up to being the one who unfollowed Bieber on Selena's Instagram to a random fan, and has now opened a can of worms.

Replying to the fan, the assistant barked, "Yes. Please stay out of both their business. Have some damn respect."

Selena Gomez Instagram

(Photo: via Instagram.)

Hours later, after posting two cryptic tweets, Selena followed Justin Bieber again. The pop princess then unfollowed her possibly still current boyfriend and is now following only five fan accounts on Instagram.

She wrote a second cryptic tweet — which has been deleted — which said, "We have to learn the hard way sometimes."

So, what's the story here?

Obviously Selena's assistant made a mistake with her selfie. So, was she simply carrying out the Latina's instruction to unfollow Justin after his dinner with Kendall Jenner but did it in a clumsy, incompetent rush?

Or, is there a more tactical arrangement at work?

Have Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez been using their Instagram relationship teases the whole time to create interest, and perhaps deflect from unfortunate stories?

Let's rewind.

Justin and Selena have been seeing each other for four years on and off since they were kids. Gomez has not had another boyfriend since she started going out with Bieber. She went into rehab in January. And, he most definitely went off the rails after they first split up at the end of 2012.

In addition, most artists, actors, or whatnot have their managers or assistants post online for them, especially stars with millions of fans who want near-24/7 updates on their idols' social media feeds.

So it's a tad conspiracist to think Bieber and Gomez pulled off a Machiavellian relationship all these years.

Too much has happened that's outside their control. The racism storm that erupted back in June and swept Selena to Justin's side in Canada, her real falling out with the Jenner gals at Coachella and Miranda Kerr being at that CR Fashion Book Issue No. 5 release party in Paris -- just three recent examples out of many.

Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez

(Photo: Kerr and Gomez's "awkward" pic at the Fashion Book bash reignited the Bloom-Bieber-Kerr conversation.)

And, if Jelena do use their Instagrams in a consciously political way from time to time, who can blame them?

Look at OK! Magazine's ridiculous "Wild sex parties, booze and drugs tell-all book" story and the thousand other rumors which have been thrown at this young couple for years.

In short: That Selena's assistant unfollowed Justin first doesn't mean Sel's subsequent re-follow then unfollow of Bieber means any less or more than it originally did.

Jelena have always played games with each other -- and us -- because that's who they are right now.

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