‘Parenthood’ Spoilers For Season 6, Episode 2: Decisions For Zeek, Tension For Julia, Amber [Video]

The final season of Parenthood has started and fans are already dreading the ending. A lot took place during the premiere last week, but now fans want Parenthood spoilers regarding the Season 6, Episode 2 show airing on Thursday, October 2. What can viewers expect?

This one is called “Happy Birthday, Zeek.” According to TV Guide, Parenthood spoilers indicate that Zeek Braverman will be facing a difficult health decision in Thursday’s episode. Viewers saw that he collapsed in Las Vegas with Sarah, but he resisted admitting there might be a serious problem. There is a party in this episode celebrating his birthday, but he’s facing some complicated and serious issues, too.

Though it will play out throughout the season, it has already been said that the family will face mortality and there may be a heartbreaking loss this season and it’s looking like that may well be Zeek. Will the final season really go that route? Fans won’t know for a while yet, but it seems at the very least viewers will see Zeek confronting serious health issues.

In addition to Zeek’s decision, viewers will see that Sydney is having trouble at school. Joel and Julia’s split has taken a toll on the kids and, after a meeting at the school, the two try to talk about the situation. Joel laid a kiss on Julia in the Season 6 premiere, but she’s got a few words to share with him about where things stand.

Entertainment Weekly shares the Parenthood spoiler clip. Julia tells Joel that he destroyed her and destroyed their family by not communicating with her. She says that she can handle it but she’s not sure if the kids can. Will Joel and Julia find a way to reconcile? It has been said that there will be a definitive resolution of some kind for them, but it’s not known yet whether that means a reconciliation or a divorce.

Amber is pregnant and she told her mom Sarah right at the end of the Season 6 premiere. TVLine shares a Parenthood spoiler clip showing the two reconnecting to talk about the pregnancy after Sarah’s initial shock wears off. Amber is already feeling anxious and conflicted about the situation and, while Sarah starts off well in the talk, things get awkward and tense quickly.

Also, Kristina now has the doors of Chambers Academy open but it looks like it’s going to be a rocky road to success. She’s scrambling to keep up with all that needs to be done and Adam isn’t able to help as much as she’d like. Max has agreed to go to the school but he’s got some demands that may be difficult to meet.

It’s definitely going to be a wild ride to the finish line in this final season of Parenthood. How will it all end? Fans will need to tune in Thursday nights to NBC to see just what lies ahead for the Braverman family.

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