This Little Kid Is Dying For A Smoke — Would You Give Him A Light? See What These Smokers Did

Most states have laws against selling cigarettes and other tobacco products to children, but that doesn’t stop kids from smoking, unfortunately. But do grown-ups have to help them? Check out this “social experiment” video from the online pranksters at the “Whatever” YouTube channel and see if you would react the same way.

What makes the reactions of the grown-ups approached by the smoking kid in this video even more interesting is that they are all smokers themselves. So, do they practice what they preach — and what exactly do they preach?

The central question at the heart of this fascinating video is, “If people know smoking is bad for you, why do they do it?”

The Inquisitr has brought you videos of kids smoking before, including the video at this link, in which a child’s parents force a small child to puff away on a cigarette. But this social experiment video actually has a point to make.

Smoking continues to be on the decline in the United States. In 2012 statistics, just 18.1 percent of American adults smoked. Compare that to 1970 when 37.4 percent of Americans over age 18— more than one of every three — were smokers. And in 1965, 42.4 percent smoked.

Nonetheless, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that smoking remains the most common cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S.

Most disturbing, and what is disturbing about this video, is that children continue to pick up the smoking habit, at a rate of about 3,800 per day, according to a 2012 Surgeon General’s report. Among adults who smoke, 88 percent started before their 18th birthdays.

With that in mind, watch how adults react to the smoking kid in this social experiment.