‘Reign’ Season Two Premieres Tonight And Things Are About To Get Crazy [Video]

Reign season two is getting ready to take off, and by the looks of it this season is going to get crazy on all sorts of levels.

The new season of Reign is set to premiere tonight at 8pm Central time and things are reportedly going to pick right back up where they left off. For those of you who need a recap, this is what happened in Season 1 of the hit CW Show.

The story follows the lives of Mary, Queen of Scotland, and her friends and loved ones. Throughout season one, Mary, played by Adelaide Kane, struggled to make a place for herself in France as she waits for the day she is to marry the prince of France, Francis, played by Toby Regbo. She loved Francis but soon developed feelings for his half-brother Bash, played by Torrance Coombs. Topics such as infidelity, heirs, rights to the throne, illegitimacy and even black magic and Paganism were introduced.

By the end of the season Mary and Francis were wed, one of Mary’s friends was to give birth to Francis’ illegitimate child, Bash was wed to another of Mary’s friends as a form of revenge for his previous romance with Mary, and the Black Plague was bearing down on the country.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Torrance Coombs opened up during an interview and talked about some of the things that can be expected during season two of Reign.

“This season very much deals with how Francis learns how to be king. How is he like his father [the late King Henry]? How is he different than his father? How does life harden him? Kings have to make very tough decisions so he comes in with a very strong moral compass. He says he is going to do things differently than his dad but then quickly realizes all the various push and pulls of running a kingdom.”

Coombs wasn’t the only one to open up about the new season. According to E! News, Adelaide Kane opened up about the new season too, and even teased that Mary is becoming more and more like her nemesis and now mother-in-law, the former Queen of France, Catherine, played by Megan Follows.

“Mary’s getting her little manipulation cap on. Mary starts taking on more of those manipulative, Catherine-esque elements…even without realizing it, she’s becoming more and more like Catherine. Still, Mary and Francis will try to hold on to their humanity during their rule, which may be seen as ‘weakness.’ They have an idealistic vision of how they want to rule and it’s quite unrealistic.”

Want a sneak peek into what is in store for the second season of Reign? Check out the intense trailer below!

Reign is set to premiere on The CW tonight at 8pm Central time. Will you be tuning in?

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