Costa Concordia Captain’s Lover Reveals Plot To Let Passengers Drown

When the Costa Concordia sunk off the coast of Italy in 2012, conspiracy theories ranged from the absurd to the downright disrespectful. In the aftermath, some of these far-fetched theories have turned out to be true. Costa Concordia’s captain Francesco Schettino is at the center of many of these claims of foul play — he currently faces up to 20 years in prison for multiple manslaughter, dereliction of duty and abandoning ship. New information from a Moldovan woman, Schettino’s lover, are rousing the public’s fervor once again to see the Costa Concordia’s captain punished for his actions.

Francesco’s lover, Dominica Cemortan, has been unfavorably slung around the media as the woman behind the Costa Concordia’s demise. Cemortan allegedly distracted the captain from saving the Costa Concordia when the accident happened. But the Costa Concordia captain’s lover says sex didn’t cause the ship to sink, cowardice did. Her newest account contrasts with Schettino’s original story, instead saying that the captain planned to abandon ship from the moment the Costa Concordia began its descent, reported The Daily Mail.

‘We went up on bridge 11. Schettino has said that he was going to look at the condition of the ship, but really we were there to wait for a helicopter to take us away…while on board hell was unleashed, and dozens of people lost their lives, a quick and painless exit had been arranged for the privileged few.”

Dominica, after inspiring ire from the public for months for her supposed role in Costa Concordia disaster, distances herself from the captain’s reaction. Her narrative of that fateful day on the Costa Concordia indicates that Cemortan is, at the very least, playing dumb about the incident, reported International Business Times.

“At one point he uttered: ‘But no one can see us here!’ The reference seemed unequivocal to me. Who was supposed to see us at night on top of the ship? No one could possibly see us from below, so, evidently, we were supposed to make ourselves visible to [someone] above.”

Dominica gave fair warning to Francesco before leaking the damaging information about the Costa Concordia staff’s exit strategy. On Sept. 23, the woman posted on Facebook that she would be giving the captain six days before telling the world what she saw on board the Costa Concordia.

Costa Concordia captain's lover tells all

When the Costa Corcordia capsized, it claimed the lives of 32 people — the biggest off-shore disaster for Italy since World War II. More than two years later, the public is still asking for answers about the incident.

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