Justin Bieber Has Words About Dating Paris Hilton Rumors, One Is ‘Ew’

It seems there are some places Justin Bieber won’t go. Paris Hilton is one of them.

In a since deleted tweet, the 20-year-old singer threw major shade at recent gossip site speculation insinuating he was dating or interested in Hilton, after he went to a club the socialite happened to deejay at in Paris earlier this week.

Naturally, TMZ led the speculation after Justin hit up the VIP Room club Wednesday night, hours after on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez flew back to Los Angeles following the couple’s visit to the French capital during Paris Fashion Week.

For context: Selena unfollowed Justin on Instagram after posting two cryptic tweets from L.A. It’s speculated she was angered by Bieber taking pal supermodel Kendall Jenner to dinner at a cozy Paris restaurant on Tuesday.

Hilton and sister Nicky were booked as celebrity DJ’s at VIP Room. While plenty of pics of Bieber with club founder and singer-songwriter Jean Roch popped up from the night, none with him and the sisters surfaced.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The heartthrob posed with Jean Roch at the VIP Room Paris on October 1 / Roch with Paris Hilton.)

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the gossipmongers. And it seems Bieber has had enough of the idle chatter.

On Friday, the Canadian fired off (then deleted) a tweet, which read: “Believe anything u want but don’t believe I went out with Paris Hilton, smh just cuz we’re seen at the same event.”

He added, “No offence. But ew.”

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Twitter.)

As yet, there has been no response from Paris Hilton to the Biebs’ deleted slight.

Without getting into the kind of “slut-shaming” many find amusing, it has to be said there’s likely a reason why credible gossip maven Elaine Liu at Lainey Gossip introduced the term Ebola Paris Hilton into pop culture vernacular over four years ago.

Meanwhile, Justin stayed on in the City of Light for another two days after Selena left.

Following his meet with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld at editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld’s starry Fashion Book release party, the singer hooked up with the haute couture supremo for a photo shoot.

On Thursday, the Biebs teased a collage of shoot snapshots on Instagram. Two pictures show Justin shirtless, the other two reveal him hanging out with the Kaiser.

His caption reads, “Big things coming with my friend @KarlLagerfeld,” suggesting the pair are collaborating on a secret project.

Justin Bieber And Karl Lagerfeld

(Photo: Unlikely couple Justin Bieber and Karl Lagerfeld at their Paris photo shoot.)

That same night, Justin topped up his icon count when he met Brit rocker Sir Mick Jagger and rock-funkster Lenny Kravitz at the opening of L’Arc nightclub.

He later posted an Instagram snap of the trio, also tweeting it with a brief note, “Legends.”

In the pic, Jagger and Kravitz huddle with Bieber, who wears an unreadable expression.

And in color:

Justin Bieber, Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz

(Photo: Justin Bieber, Sir Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz at L’Arc, October 2.)

According to an October 3 Instagram post of Justin on the steps of a private jet, which he captioned, “Til next time Paris,” the singer is on the move.

Destination unknown. For now. But we’re guessing it won’t be anywhere near Paris Hilton.

Justin Bieber

[Images via Instagram/Getty.]