Maroon 5’s ‘Animals’ Music Video Blasted By Sexual Assault Support Group, RAINN

Maroon 5 and the band’s front man, Adam Levine, are being blasted all over the internet for the racy music video for their hit song “Animals.”

Fans have become outraged over Maroon 5’s new music video because it depicts not only some heavy sexual activities, but also because Adam Levine plays the role of a man obsessed. Scratch that, not simply a man obsessed, but a cleaver-wielding stalker obsess with a beautiful woman who just happens to be played by his wife, Victoria’s Secret model, Behati Prinsloo.

According to Fox News and a previous report by the Inquisitr, fans are taking to social media to express their outrage over Maroon 5’s disturbing new music video.

@gogreen18 PLEASE make a video speaking out against Maroon 5’s disturbing new song Animals. It promotes rape & murder culture against women.

— lovethatignites (@EWWfan5) October 1, 2014

Maroon 5 fans aren’t the only ones outraged by the “Animals” music video. According to US Weekly, The Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN) has slammed the band for glorifying a stalker.

“Maroon 5’s video for ‘Animals’ is a dangerous depiction of a stalker’s fantasy,” RAINN says in a statement released by its Vice President of Communications, Katherine Hull Fliflet. “And no one should ever confuse the criminal act of stalking with romance. The trivialization of these serious crimes, like stalking, should have no place in the entertainment industry.”

For those of you who have yet to see the “Animals” music video by Maroon 5, and for those of you who won’t watch it because you are slightly turned off by just the headlines, here is a quick recap of what happens in the video.

It all starts off with a beautiful women (aka, Behati Prinsloo) picking up an order of meat from a butcher shop. Viewers can see Adam Levine working in the background, so it’s safe to assume that this is the first time his character encounters Prinsloo’s.

From there we get a variety of images of Levine in a basement of sorts looking over photos he’s taken of Prinsloo while he punches, hugs and hangs with stacks of meat hanging from the ceiling. When he isn’t in the basement/meat locker, his character is seen stalking Prinsloo out on the street, even in the rain, and even follows her into a club where he finally confronts her, only to be turned down.

This is where the video gets really disturbing. After the incident at the nightclub, Levine somehow appears in Prinsloo’s apartment while she is sleeping, and even lays next to her. This stalker character even fantasizes about sleeping with Prinsloo, and while the situations doesn’t look like rape, but more like a passionate moment shared by lovers, blood comes raining down on them, completely turning the scene from a passionate moment to something creepy.

It’s very unlikely that Maroon 5’s intentions for “Animals” was to glorify rape, stalking and other violence towards women. This theory is made even more unlikely by the fact that Adam Levine’s wife is not only in the video, but endorsed it on Instagram with a photo from the set with a caption that read, “It’s out and its bloody, ready for Halloween @maroon5 adamlevine #musicvideo.”

Whether it was their intention or not, fans are waiting for an explanation from Maroon 5 and front man Adam Levine. Share your thoughts on the “Animal” music video in the comments below.

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