From Colorado to New York solar energy is getting a big push from GE

Steven Hodson

General Electric announced a fair big initiative today when it comes to solar energy starting with a new factory going into an existing building in Aurora, Colorado.

Besides bringing 355 estimated jobs to the area GE believes that the facility will be one of the largest existing solar panel factory in the country. The company is hoping that the first solar panels will come off the line in 2012 and be available commercially by 2013.

Estimates are that the facility will be able to produce enough solar panels per year to power some 80,000 homes and when the facility is complete it will represent an investment of some $600 million in their solar business.

In addition to the investment in Colorado the company is also looking to increase high tech jobs through their Renewable Energy Global Headquarters and their Global Research Center; both of which are located in New York State.

You can read the full press release at the Business Wire site.