Beyoncé Knowles Pregnant: Singer Fights Rumors By Baring Body In White Bikini

Beyoncé Knowles took on rumors that she is pregnant this week by baring her stomach in a series of revealing pictures.

The singer posed in a white bikini, showing off her toned midsection and helping to squash rumors that she is several weeks into her second pregnancy.

The pregnancy rumors began cropping up during a trip to Italy that coincided with Beyoncé’s birthday. Sources said that the singer was expecting her second child and had even begun to tell friends.Beyoncé Knowles Pregnant: Singer Fights Rumors By Baring Body In White Bikini

According to Hollywood Life, Beyoncé Knowles was overheard telling friends at Kelly Rowland’s baby shower she was pregnant. A source added that Beyoncé was planning a big reveal to tell the rest of the world that she’s pregnant.

“Beyoncé doesn’t do things like normal people — she’s not going to make the announcement on Instagram or on Twitter! The HBO special would be the perfect way for the couple to officially announce their pregnancy in a big way,” the source said.

But Beyoncé may instead bye using social media to deny the pregnancy rumors, Hollywood Life now reports.

“Queen Bey is currently vacationing in Europe with hubby Jay-Z, 44, and daughter Blue Ivy, 2. Beyoncé has always used her social media to combat rumors — in the aftermath of the “elevator incident,” Bey showed that everything is cool between her and sister Solange by posting pics of the two of them smiling together. Whenever rumors of divorce ramp up, she’ll post a happy pic of herself and Jay-Z.”

Jay-Z himself fueled some of the pregnancy rumors, as he changed the lyrics in his song “Beach Is Better” to include the lyric “pregnant with another one.”

But some insiders believe that the rumors that Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant or that she and Jay-Z are headed toward divorce were all just a ploy to gain attention to their joint summer “On The Run” tour. Now that the tour has ended, it will be telling to see if the rumors disappear as well.