Louis Tomlinson Monkeys Around During ‘Steal Your Girl’ Video Shoot

Louis Tomlinson and the rest of the One Direction fellas recently spent some time shooting a video for their hit single “Steal Your Girl.” As you can see from the images below, Tomlinson got to hang out with a primate during his time on-set.

Although the first single from 1D’s upcoming album Four deals with girlfriend theft, apparently the fellas aren’t taking the tune too seriously. Considering Louis is hanging out with a monkey during the shoot, chances are the music video is more in tune with, say, “Midnight Memories” than “You & I.”

The good folks over at Unreality TV spotted photos of Louis Tomlinson and his monkey on Twitter. Although the pic is blurry and partially obscured by an obnoxious watermark, it’s still quite easy to see what’s going on. Feast your Louis-loving eyes on Tomlinson’s close encounter with the aforementioned animal below.

Not surprisingly, a lot of Directioners want to know what’s up with the monkey. After all, it’s not everyday that you see Louis or one of the other singers hanging out with this sort of animal. Since Tomlinson’s lips are presently sealed for the moment, curious parties will likely have to wait until the “Steal Your Girl” video drops to get answers to their inquiries.

Of course, this isn’t stopping them from bugging the poor guy for info.

Others were more concerned about that watermark.

Although Louis is traipsing across North America with One Direction and filming music videos with monkeys, apparently the guy is still battling a knee injury he suffered during a charity soccer match last year. The Doncaster Free Press explains that Tomlinson is still in a bit of pain to this day. However, it’s clear he’s not slowing down.

“It turned out it actually damaged my medial ligament and it’s not had time to properly heal. I didn’t know if I was going to be fit enough but it was brilliant. It’s my second time here now so I can say I’m a Celtic boy.”

Are you still flipping out over Louis Tomlinson and his encounter with a monkey? Do you plan to watch the “Steal Your Girl” music video a thousand times when it finally drops?

[Lead image via Fanpop]