Kate Middleton: Has Duchess Lost The Fashion Crown To Amal Alamuddin?

Kate Middleton may not be feeling at her best at the moment with numerous reports about the acute morning sickness she is enduring with her second pregnancy, but is there more bad news on the horizon for our beloved Duchess of Cambridge?

Thankfully, Kate is reportedly feeling a bit better, even though she just cancelled another public engagement as she wasn’t quite up to the task. But now reports are surfacing following the wedding of George Clooney and human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin that the Duchess may just have lost the fashion crown to the new Mrs. Clooney.

Take, for example, a report in The Telegraph recently. which suggested that while Kate Middleton was the most stylish girl on the block for a long time, she may now have lost that title to Alamuddin.

As per that report.

“The Duchess of Cambridge and perky sister Pippa may have been feted by Tatler for possessing shing ‘rich girl’ tresses, but Lebanese Amal’s thick, swishy hair is in a league (an Arab league) of its own. Finely boned as a thoroughbred, with shapely legs perfect for Prada, and arms toned from toting designer bags, Alamuddin is quite simply really rather ravishing. Her classic-with-a-playful-twist dress sense only adds to the allure, so much so that most of us were puzzled we’d never heard of her before she dated Gorgeous George, who previously showed a marked preference for rather more pneumatic types.”

Agreed, it’s just the opinion of one writer, but the article does make a good point, especially in the ever-competitive world of style and fashion; two areas that are clearly very important to both Kate Middleton and Amal Alamuddin.

Not to mention the fact that Amal is way less limited wardrobe-wise than Kate, who, as a member of the royal family, has to follow lots of protocols, as well as budgetary constraints.

Like Kate, Amal has a number of blogs dedicated to her which outline each and every outfit she’s seen wearing in public. However, Amal’s wedding dress has apparently taken her to the next level of status in the fashion world as the Chantilly lace gown she wore received great acclaim across the board.

Even though there is no official fashion competition between Kate Middleton and Amal Alamuddin, there’s no question that the two women top the charts when it comes to style and fashion, and both women deserve recognition for looking their best at all times.