Claiming Botched Circumcision, Mom Files Lawsuit Against Pediatric Center

A Metro Atlanta mother has filed a lawsuit alleging that a Certified Nurse Midwife at a Georgia pediatrics center damaged her son’s genitals during a routine infant circumcision. Dejuan Williams was three-weeks-old when his circumcision was performed at Life Cycle Pediatrics in October 2013, Stacie Willis told CBS46in an interview.

Willis claims the Certified Nurse Midwife, Melissa Jones, cut too much of her son’s genitalia off during a circumcision.

“They cut through his urethra,” attorney Jonathan Johnson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday. Willis said that the tip of his glans was also severed. Willis is accusing the nurse midwife of negligence.

Willis said that after his routine infant circumcision, a doctor was immediately called in to examine her son’s circumcision. After that, he was taken to Atlanta Urgent Care and eventually referred to a urologist. Jonathan Johnson said that the 11-month-old boy’s body is trying to heal from the wound by sealing it up, and he is “continuing having to go and have holes punched in that wound so he can urinate.” Three times a day, Stacie says she has to insert an instrument in to prevent the hole from closing.

She says that doctors still can’t say if future surgeries can repair the damage, because it is so extensive.

“You stole his teenage years, his adult life,” said Willis, who included damages to cover psychological help in the lawsuit. “He will be deprived for the rest of his life. Our society is so judgmental. This may be a kid who never wants to have intercourse or kids, or will be ashamed. He may be suicidal or depressed.”

In March 2009, a State Court jury in Georgia awarded $2.3 million in damages to a 4-year-old boy and his mother after too much tissue was removed during the boy’s circumcision procedure. In that case, the boy also suffered permanent disfigurement. Massachusetts General Hospital recorded that during a five-year span, 7.4% of all visits to their pediatric urologist were for circumcision complications, according to Scientific World Journal.

Jennifer D’Jamoos is on the Board of Directors of The Intact Network and is co-director for Intact Michigan. D’Jamoos said that typical circumcisions regularly also remove Dartos fascia, meissners corpuscles, lymphatic vessels, estrogen receptors, apocrine and sebaceous glands which she says is estimated to be one third to one half of the total penile skin system.

“But the foreskin contains the ridged band which is highly concentrated with fine touch nerve endings. It’s right near the tip of the foreskin so every circumcision takes that,” D’Jamoos said. The organization she works with would like to see the practice of routine infant circumcision end completely. Inquisitr recently reported on a social media campaign where men spoke up in opposition against their circumcisions using the hashtag #SinceIWasABoy. Many of them reported suffering from circumcision injuries that are statistically more common than Dejuan’s injuries.

Jonathan Johnson said that the psychiatric care that Williams will need due his genital damage is expected to total at least $1 million. The lawsuit asks for damages for physical pain and suffering, mental pain and suffering, medical expenses, costs of care, costs of equipment and any lost income Williams may suffer as an adult as a result of the circumcision errors.

[Image via CBS video]