Tori Spelling Pregnant Again? More Likely Just A Publicity Stunt For Failing Reality Show

Tori Spelling says she may be pregnant again, a revelation that isn’t ringing true for critics of the attention-loving reality star.

Tori announced her possible pregnancy on an advertisement for the upcoming season of her latest reality show True Tori. Lifetime cut a promo that shows Tori and husband Dean McDermott getting into some verbal sparring, and Tori dropping the bombshell: “Oh and there’s one more thing, I may be pregnant.”

There is already speculation that the show is trying to make audiences think Tori Spelling is pregnant in a bid to get more viewers. Ratings for the last season of True Tori were so bad that Spelling took a huge pay cut and will be making just $50,000 to appear on the second season.

There is other evidence that the Tori Spelling pregnant rumor is baseless. In the past, Tori has made it very clear that she will never be pregnant again. When she was carrying her fourth and most recent child, Finn, Tori suffered from some frightening complications that ended up becoming life-threatening.

“I’m not going to be going through another pregnancy,” she told Life & Style last year. “I don’t plan on it.”

Spelling suffered what is known as placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta covers the opening of the cervix. The complications forced Tori to be on bed rest for two months, causing her to miss out on some big family milestones.

“I missed Liam’s preschool graduation, Stella’s 4th birthday party, Hattie’s first word,” she told Good Morning America in December, adding, “With Finn, I definitely appreciate every second more with him.”

Tori has also been accused of faking family drama for ratings in the past. There was widespread speculation that husband Dean’s alleged affair with Emily Goodhand was really just an orchestrated attempt to draw more attention. Tori has also been more than happy to share just about every family event and milestone with cameras.

The other evidence that the pregnancy is a hoax comes from the show itself. After the short promo teaser, there is only one way for fans to find out if Tori Spelling is truly pregnant — they have to tune into the season premiere of True Tori on October 21.