2 Sisters Brutally Attack Pretty Girl: Teen Beaten And Cut With Knives To ‘Look Like Chucky’

Two jealous sisters brutally attacked a pretty girl and aimed to make her “look like Chucky.”

As Opposing Views reports, a 15-year-old girl was leaving from a friend’s house when two sisters — ages 16 and 18 — confronted her. They struck her and knocked her to the ground before taking out knives. The girls let her know what she was about to suffer through.

“Everyone says you are pretty. You won’t look pretty when we have finished with you. People will call you Chucky.”

The two girls began a rampage of slashing her face and body. They showed no mercy attacking the teen as they sliced through her skin with their knives.

The Mirror reports that the violent act left Julia Alvarez badly injured and in a pool of blood. Someone passing by found Julia and called for help. The girl’s injuries required a number of stitches on her face and back. Just her back itself required 20 stitches.

The incident happened in an Argentina town, where police chose not to do anything in the girl’s attack. Julia’s face was posted on Facebook and her story went viral. The community launched protests and police finally decided to step in.

Both attackers were brought in for questioning after the two sisters brutally attacked the pretty girl; since the 16-year-old is underage, she was released. The 18-year-old, however, remains in police custody.

Julia Alvarez’ sister, Yeni, says that she was bullied for a long time by the two girls who attacked the teen. It was shocking, however, to see them go to this extreme.

“They were jealous of my sister for a long time and always abusing her and insulting her, but we never expected them to go this far. I have tried to stay strong for my beautiful sister but every time I see her I want to burst into tears. They have ruined her life. She says she wants to kill herself because when she looks in the mirror she so ugly now. It has ruined our family.”

It’s unknown at this point if the girls who committed this attack against Julia will be charged with anything. The photos of her reveal severe enough wounds all over her that it’s unlikely she’ll ever fully recover from the brutal attack by the sisters who wanted to ruin her life. Her road to recovery is a long one and the healing process an arduous challenge.

[Photo Credit: The Mirror]