This Boy Is Smarter Than Albert Einstein – Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter!

14-year old Paulius Zabotkiene is smarter than Albert Einstein, according to a report confirmed by Mirror.

How is that even possible?

According to the report, Paulius was able to score a 162 on his IQ test. This score is incredibly high – much higher than the likes of Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and — yes — Albert Einstein himself.

By being able to score so high with this type of test, this young teenager has been able to become one of the cleverest and most intelligent people in the world before he even finishes puberty.

The report states that it was Paulius’ parents who were the first to assume that their son was a mastermind genius, which is why they entered him to take the Mensa test in the first place back in September. However, even they didn’t expect that their 14-year old son would join the “genius” bracket with his score — achieving higher numbers than some of the most beautiful minds in the world.

“We saw they were doing Mensa tests in Birmingham and just thought Paulius should have a go, but we were amazed when he got the highest possible score. We always thought he was quite bright but we did not really think that would be the outcome. We were very pleased to say the least.

Based on his own statement, Paulius Zabotkiene himself did not even expect to perform as well as he did with that test.

“I was really surprised and really happy when I managed to achieve such a high score. I really wasn’t expecting it. I was really over the moon.”

Paulius is currently enrolled in his tenth year of schooling at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College located in Worcester. In his own words, Paulius has no plans of allowing his high score to slow him down from pursuing his ambitious dreams in the future — both inside and outside of the classroom.

“I hope I can carry on working hard at school and go on to study electrical engineering at Cambridge University. I like academic subject such as maths and science but I’m really into music, films and computer gaming as well.”

Keep in mind that Paulius’ performance on this test simply proves that he is smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking on paper. However, this needs to be kept in perspective. First, Paulius is not the first young man to reach such a high score. 11-year old Ramarni Wilfred was able to do the same thing earlier this year.


Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is not power — unless it is applied.

Young Paulius might have been able to score higher than Albert Einstein on a test, which is admirable. However, will this 14-year old boy be able to apply his knowledge and intelligence in a way that will change the way that people look at the world like Albert Einstein did? Think about everything that Albert Einstein was able to accomplish throughout his life. Even though Albert Einstein obviously was a great test-taker as well, his test scores are not what engraved his name in the history books. It was everything that he was able to do with his intelligence — including his work on the theory of relativity.

Will Paulius ever be able to match (or even come close to) Albert Einstein in this regard?

At this point, only time will tell.

[Image Credit: Mirror and TypePad]