Bomb Threat At Sandy Hook Elementary: School Evacuated

Students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Monroe, Connecticut were ordered by the police to evacuate due to a bomb threat. After the massacre that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012, officials are not going to take any threat lightly.

Sun Times reports that the threatening phone call was made to the school at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Monroe Police Lt. Brian McCauley said his officers thoroughly checked the school building and the grounds, but found no evidence of danger. McCauley went on to say that the evacuation was ordered as a precaution.

The students were moved to a neighboring school while all parents were sent an automated voicemail from Dr. Joseph V. Erardi, Jr., the Newton Superintendent of Schools. His voicemail alerted the student’s parents of the events taking place.

“All students and all staff are absolutely 100 percent safe. Sandy Hook will dismiss at noontime because of a low to no threat scare.”

In addition to the automated voicemail, WFSB reports that parents were also sent a message informing them of the bomb threat. The parents were also assured that they would be sent further messages as any new information developed.

It was a smart move for Superintendent Erardi to begin his voicemail to parents that all students and staff were 100 percent safe after the nightmare that occurred December 14, 2012. Sun Times reminds us that a gunman by the name of Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary killing 20 first-graders and six faculty staff members.

It was also discovered that prior to the massacre he created at Sandy Hooks, Lanza killed his own mother. In the end, he also killed himself.

In January of 2013, WFSB reports that the students at Sandy Hook Elementary school moved their classes and began attending at a nearby school called Chalk Hill Middle School.

The building at Sandy Hook Elementary where the shootings took place has been demolished. There are plans to build a new facility on the property sometime within the next year or so.

Although the threat seemed to be a possible prank, police are currently continuing their investigation to determine who was responsible for the call. This is not a joking matter and the perpetrator should be concerned.

WFSB reports that “Federal investigators have taken interest in earlier threats to Newtown.” Just a few days following the shooting, Newtown residents began receiving threatening phone calls from Wilfrido Cardenas Hoffman, who was arrested in June for his actions.

Erardi has informed parents that a meeting will be held at 7 p.m. tonight for parents wanting reassurance and information regarding the actions taken today.

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