‘Bill And Ted 3’: Alex Winter Willing To Be Bill S. Preston Esq. Again, But Not ‘The Lost Boys’ Vampire

Bill And Ted 3 may promise to bring a slack-jawed Keanu Reeves back to the big screen, but it’s Alex Winter, aka Bill S. Preston Esq., who has been MIA all these years. Winter quit acting way back in 1994 and now he’s talking about what enticed him to return. Unfortunately for vampire movie fans, Winter says The Lost Boys was not exactly what made him feel most righteous.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the return of the future saviors of the planet almost turned out to be a total bummer. Reeves revealed last year they had an early draft of a Bill And Ted 3 script that was awaiting a rewrite from the writers and they still haven’t even received financing for the film despite all the years put into the project. But the good news is that they now have a director and financing so it’s very likely we’ll see the Bill And Ted 3 release date within the next couple years (nothing has been officially announced).

Alex Winter is mostly known for his Bill And Ted movie roles but he was also the vampire Marko in The Lost Boys and he also appeared in Death Wish 3, The Equalizer and the recent Grand Piano. The reason for this relatively short list is because Winter quit acting around 20 years ago.

“Once I was able to pay my bills writing and directing, I said, ‘thank you very much’ to my acting agent and parted ways,” Winter told Yahoo News. “I’d been in the business since I was nine. So by the time I was 25 or 26, I’d had a lengthy career and I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do full-time. I was very sure about that.”

Although Winter says he’s a “pretty private person” he does enjoy hanging out with Keanu Reeves on holidays just so they can “get some pretty fun reactions.” But in general he’s able to blend into the crowd because his “public persona is so different from my own persona. It kind of gives me cover – it’s a good deflection shield.”

Bill And Ted 3 will, of course, require Alex Winter to return to acting although he usually tells people “no” if asked to take a role. He’s mostly focused on directing, with the one recent exception being a role in Grand Piano. Winter also says he will be ready for filming Bill And Ted 3 since he regularly practices acting despite lacking an interest in taking many roles.

“I still train [in acting], because it’s something I’ve always done, I take it seriously,” he says. “So I still study. Doing scenes with actors and running monologues. I still take classes and train individually with a trainer as well. It’s very helpful for my writing and directing.”

Alex Winter also says he won’t be able to be enticed to reprise his role 1987 role as a vampire for any potential The Lost Boy reboot or sequel. “I’m not really a vampire movie guy,” he explains.