Donald Trump Says ABC Sitcom ‘Black-ish’ Is Racist

Donald Trump is not pleased with the new sitcom Black-ish. In a tweet, Trump has said the show, starring Anthony Anderson, is a sitcom that showcases racism in its highest form. Despite getting the network wrong, Trump isn’t the only one using the racism card.

A show that’s being compared to All in the Family in its “off color” cultural commentary, Black-ish follows an African-American family who are struggling to keep their cultural identity in favor of living by the rules of white culture. Anthony Anderson plays an ad exec. who worked his way up to the white middle class in his profession. Although he has dreams to go further in his career, he realizes that his children have been growing up with the loss of their identity. He quickly starts to try and instill values by playing on old stereotypes to educate his children on their roots.

Surprisingly, Trump is not alone in criticizing the ABC sitcom. While some have hinted that it’s “subliminally racist,” Trump was very clear to label the show as racist. He criticized the show and how it featured a family trying to get back to its identity in society that’s culturally whitewashed by pop culture.

As expected, not everyone agrees with Donald Trump.

@realDonaldTrump Nobody would care. Everything on TV should be called Whiteish anyway… This comment adds no value to anything.

— King Cole (@kingcole513) October 1, 2014

Creator Kenya Barris told The Hollywood Reporter that much of the premise is based on his own experience raising his family in a politically correct world.

“My daughter was trying to describe to me a kid in her class, and she’s going on and on, and finally I had to stop her and say, ‘Are you talking about the only other little black girl in your class?’ And she was like, ‘Oh yeah, I guess so,’ and I was like, ‘Well why didn’t you just say that?’ I looked at my wife and she was like, ‘Isn’t that beautiful? She doesn’t see color!’ And I was like, ‘No, that’s ridiculous.'”

A commenter explains why the title of the sitcom might be a bit too much.

“Calling a show “Black-ish” is just asking for it. You can name all kinds of diverse sitcoms from the past that were total hits but didn’t have to shove the “racism card” in your face. The Cosby show, Family Matters, etc… All hits. I believe they can name a show anything and its success will always depend on how well the episodes are written and how likable the characters are. ABC doesn’t NEED to shove it in everyone’s faces.”

That said, Black-ish is attracting a lot of attention with or without Donald Trump. The first episode garnered 14.3 million viewers, which is a strong debut for a new show.

Do you think Black-ish is racist?

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