Kate Middleton Twins: Duchess Kate Expecting Two Girls, Diana And Elizabeth?

Kate Middleton might be having twins! While this has been a going rumor for quite some time (even before Kate was pregnant), people are beginning to bet that the Duchess will be welcoming not one, but two children in 2015. According to People Magazine, bets have skyrocketed this week, with quite a few people believing that Kate will become a “twin mom” in the new year.

“The William Hill betting firm says it received about 200 bets on the arrival of twins, including what a spokesman calls ‘a significant gamble’ that was made in York. That one bet saw the odds plummet from 20:1 to 9:1 in just 75 minutes Monday evening,” reports People.

If Kate Middleton has twins, it would be crazy — the media attention and her home life. While the Duchess certainly has a fair share of help, having a toddler and two newborns would undoubtedly be overwhelming for both William and Kate. According to Vanity Fair, Kate could be having twins… it’s always a possibility when someone is pregnant… but isn’t that something that the palace would have shared by now? Well, not necessarily. That information likely wouldn’t be shared publicly for at least a couple of more months.

However, the sex of William and Kate’s child (or children) is far more important. If the couple has a girl, she would be next in line to the throne thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act. Name rumors have already surfaced, and it is believed that a baby girl will be named Elizabeth Diana Windsor. Now, if Kate has two girls, it’s possible that the names will be split, and one girl will be named Elizabeth, while the other will be named Diana. As for a boy, the leading name is James.


Kate Middleton has been suffering from severe morning sickness, which isn’t telling at all. The Duchess of Cambridge was also very sick during her first pregnancy with Prince George. According to The Inquisitr, Kate has been forced to sit out a few engagements, but is expected to resume her royal duties once she is feeling better. Many are excited to see the Duchess back on her feet and feeling better — and many cannot wait to get a view of her baby bump. If Kate is having twins, her tummy could be quite large already.

Do you think Kate and William are expecting twins? If not, do you think Kate will have a boy or a girl?

[Photo courtesy of Think Snaps]