Violent Jew Hate Is Triggering Hate Crimes Against Jewish College Students Across The U.S.

At colleges and universities across the country, Jewish students (and pro-Israel students) and Muslim students (and pro-Palestinian students) find themselves thrown into a mix where political, ethnic, religious and racial differences should be tolerated, discussed, and mutually understood. Unfortunately, these differences far too often have led to censorship and — even worse — verbal and physical abuse. Since the 2014-2015 college school year began, several incidents of Jew hate have been observed on campuses throughout the U.S.

On August 20, a Jewish student at Temple University was physically and verbally assaulted by members of an anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), according to Truth Revolt. Fellow students called Jewish college student Danial Vessal “baby killer” and a word that can’t be printed in this publication, which begins with K.

“This one girl sitting at the end of the table was just laughing and laughing at me. As she was laughing at me, people at the table were calling me a ‘baby killer,’ I said when she stops then maybe we could have a genuinely peaceful conversation. And then this kid just rocks me in the face as hard as he can. My glasses flew off. After a two-second blur I had no clue what had happened. I couldn’t believe the kid actually hit me.”

Campus protest against Israel's occupation of Gaza.

Such violent Jew hate is not limited to just Temple, according to The College Fix. The words “I Hate Jews” were scratched into the door of a bathroom stall at East Carolina University, following a swastika being spray-painted on a dorm room door two days earlier. And a Jewish college student at UNC Charlotte claims that she was told to “go burn in an oven” and was spit on by Muslim students. And in Chicago, SJP protesters allegedly verbally assaulted their fellow students who happened to be Jewish.

Brandeis University student Daniel Mael is a Truth Revolt contributor who has covered Jew hate incidents on college campuses across the U.S. He says, via The College Fix, that while there is room for honest discussion about Israel and its relationship with Palestine, the conversation has been hijacked by violence and hateful rhetoric.

“The line between healthy and robust criticism of Israel and Jew hatred has been largely eliminated. The hard-left, which claims to care about human rights, clearly has no other agenda than to target Jews [and] provide sympathy for terrorist organizations like Hamas.”

The rise of violent Jew hate across college campuses mirrors a similar trend not only in the U.S. but worldwide, according to The Algemeiner. For example, in Europe, according to this Inquisitr report, synagogues are burning as Jews are randomly attacked in the streets.

The Anti Defamation League places at least part of the blame for these on-campus hate crimes on the college administrators themselves, who in their zeal to protect free speech have left impressionable and confused students to be indoctrinated by such hate groups as Nation of Islam or Holocaust deniers.

“Racists and demagogues have ably exploited schools’ commitment to free speech, cloaking their propaganda in the guise of academic freedom. They have two objectives: hooking the country’s future leaders on the ideas they preach, and generating mainstream media coverage through the controversy that inevitably erupts over particularly incendiary events.”

Have you or anyone you know ever been a victim of an anti-Jewish hate crime? Let us know below.

[Images courtesy of: Before It’s News, JNS]