Zayn Malik Often Feels ‘Sorry’ For Solo Artists

Zayn Malik loves being in One Direction so much that he often feels bad for solo artists who don’t have a group of friends with whom to share the experience.

Every few weeks, people begin to speculate about the group’s future. Is someone going solo? Are the guys preparing to go their separate ways? Is 1D destined to crash and burn like so many other boy bands before them? While it’s unknown if any of the singers will release their own albums once the group comes to an end (perish the thought), that isn’t stopping people from biting their nails about the matter.

According to Digital Spy, Zayn Malik discussed the depressing aspects of being a solo artist in the group’s new biography, Who We Are. Not only is Malik thankful to have Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam to keep him company, he’s also thankful for the support they’ve given him over the years. Malik loves his boys, that’s for sure.

What’s more, Zayn thinks solo artists are probably pretty lonely.

“If I did this by myself it would be a lot more difficult. Simply because having four other people that do exactly the same thing as you, go through exactly the same experiences, have the same life experiences to a certain extent because you’ve lived the same life for the last three or four years is a really useful thing.”

“It is cool to have that and it would be more difficult to be a solo artist I think. Sometimes I do look at solo artists and I feel a bit sorry for them because they don’t have that, whereas we have a proper camaraderie.”

Zayn Malik isn’t the only member of One Direction who doesn’t think a solo career sounds very appealing. Louis Tomlinson told Hollywood Life earlier this year that he may not release any new material when and if 1D decides to call it quits.

“Just having each of us, let’s be honest I personally don’t think I’d be able to do it as a solo artist. It’s very intense and hard to comprehend, so it’s good to be able to speak to people who obviously know exactly what you personally are going through.”

Liam Payne also appreciates the comradery.

“Yeah and it’s nice to have somebody there every day who’s going through exactly the same stuff you are. It’s beautiful being in this position but it’s also difficult at times. It’s nice to have guys you can turn to.”

Would you like to see Zayn Malik or any of the other 1D singers go solo if the band decides to stop recording music and touring together?

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