Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, Adopting Or Just In A New Movie? ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Trailer Released

Jennifer Aniston is pregnant… again… according to several tabloids. The actress and her beau, Justin Theroux, have been in the news every other day for all kinds of reasons, but lately, those baby rumors just won’t quit. Well, according to The Hollywood Gossip, there is now a rumor that Jen has just completed all of the necessary paperwork to adopt a baby… and it’s a girl. This story comes just a couple of weeks after it was reported that Aniston was about three months along in her first pregnancy after several IVF treatments.

The story covers the latest issue of Life & Style Magazine and seems to infer that Jen did all of this behind Justin’s back. Of course, you’ll have to pick up a copy of the mag to read about “Justin’s reaction” and how Jen managed to pull this whole adoption thing off as a “secret.”

Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant on the internet more times than anyone ever should. It’s like people are desperate for her to become a mom. And there are a few reasons why that could be. For starters, everyone has sort of always felt bad for Jen. She was married to one of the hottest men in the business (Brad Pitt), but he cheated on her with Angelina Jolie… and now he’s living the life (arguably) with a bunch of kids, and he’s on top of the world… while Jen’s life hasn’t progressed the same way at all.

Some people also seem to want Jen to have a baby because she’s getting older, and it’s very possible that motherhood won’t happen for her. Apparently, people fail to realize that there is a chance that Jen doesn’t even want to have kids. But that’s neither here nor there. And none of it really matters anyway because Gossip Cop has — one again — debunked the rumors. There is no baby on board — in any capacity — for Jen.

Jennifer Aniston’s rep said that the story about adopting a baby girl was “totally fabricated.”

Aniston, 45, will be starring in Horrible Bosses 2, and that news is something to write home about. The comedy film is highly anticipated, and many can’t wait to see Aniston reprise her role as a naughty dentist. The film will be released on Nov. 26. For now, you can watch the trailer in preparation (and you’ll notice there isn’t even a baby hiccup anywhere near Jen’s stomach, even though she’s sitting down). You can read more about the film in this article by The Inquisitr.

[Photo courtesy of Featureflash / via Women’s Health Magazine]