Liam Payne Hopes One Direction Fans Don’t Find Him ‘Annoying’

Liam Payne hopes One Direction fans don’t find his shenanigans on social media “annoying.” At the end of the day, the singer is just being himself.

Although the 21-year-old heartthrob has a tendency to generate controversy with some of his behavior — hanging out with some of the Duck Dynasty guys probably wasn’t a terribly good idea — Payne isn’t trying to ruffle any features. Fans may not approve of some of his hijinks, but Liam insists he’s just a young guy having fun.

During a bout of heartfelt posts on Twitter, Liam Payne discussed his concerns about annoying Directioners with his tomfoolery. While some folks may begin grating their teeth whenever he starts acting a fool, the singer doesn’t want people to dislike him.

According to MTV News, Liam Payne is feeling a little old these days. Although he turned 21 this year, the singer is a little confused by some of the lingo getting tossed around social media. Since Payne is sharing all sorts of info on Twitter, he didn’t hesitate to express his feelings about the kids and their baffling terminology.

Liam also received a bit of a shock earlier in September when an admittedly overzealous One Direction fan “accidentally” sent the singer a nude photo. Of course, the singer didn’t hesitate to call her out on the so-called “mistake.”

Do you think Liam Payne is annoying?