Does Stella McCartney Actually Believe That The Ideal Woman Should Be Weak And Malnourished?

Fashion fanatic Stella McCartney has come under fire for comments and Instagram postings that would seem to suggest she believes the ideal woman should be weak and malnourished.

In the kingdom of catwalks, catfights, terrible clothes and random eating disorders that Stella McCartney, daughter of Beatles bassist Paul McCartney, strides through like a privileged princess. It’s all too easy to forget that in the real world, most people don’t consider looking like a dug-up corpse in need of a good feed to be considered high-fashion.

Yet in the land of the fashion designer, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” as Kate Moss once controversially proclaimed with all the boastfulness of someone who’s never really let go and experienced the unbounded joys of a chicken dinner.

Take Stella’s recent snap that she posted on her Instagram page and which has caused so much upset. It featured an emaciated model wearing a vest from Stella’s 2015 collection with the caption ‘Worn well!’

The model in question appears to look more “well worn” or “worn out” and hundreds took to the page, like an unstoppable army of concerned mums carrying hampers full of thick steaks, apple pies, and vitamin shakes, to address their concerns over the welfare of the model. A user called Flutterbybuttefly was particularly savage in her criticism.

“Disgusting. That is not ‘worn well.’ It’s hanging over her bones. It’s not good for the youngsters in our society. I hope my daughter does not grow up thinking this is beautiful or normal. I want her to be healthy. No offence to the model but you must be aware you are not healthy.”

Another angry user used the image to criticize the inherent evil that many perceive to be lurking within the world of fashion.

“Appalling image. This young lady is clearly very ill and the body image being used is all that is wrong with the fashion world.”

Such was the fury provoked by the famous daughter of the bassist from a scouse skittle group called The Beatles, that in the true school playground spirit of social media, a campaign was launched to ‘unfollow Stella’ on the picture-sharing site.

The photograph was removed a few hours after it was posted and replaced with one of the much more curvaceous British model Malaika Firth in the same vest.

Yet for 43-year-old Stella the damage had already been done, or publicity already garnered, depending on what side of the fence your cookie crumbles on.

Regardless, it’s been a difficult week for the daring designer. At the Paris Fashion show on Monday. McCartney came in the firing line of feminists who took great umbrage at Stella’s suggestion that strong woman are unattractive.

Pontificating at great length, like fashion types tend to do when it comes to clothes, Stella revealed the inspiration of her latest collection and it didn’t sit at all well in some quarters.

“The clothes are all about celebrating the softness of a woman, and her fragility. Strength on its own in a woman is quite aggressive and not terribly attractive at times.”

Vagenda Magazine were quick to pounce on the multi-millionaire’s seemingly airy fairy train of though and wasted no time tweeting a perfect riposte.

“It’s a very weird statement. I imagine the women who can afford to buy her clothes didn’t get there being timid.”