Six Flags Fight A Real Life Purge? Twitter-Organized Brawl Fractures Teen's Skull [Video]

Patrick Frye

A Six Flags fight video may be the first ever to actually show a real life purge happen in America if reports about people using social media to organize a Six Flags "fight fest" in 2014 are correct.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the so-called Louisville purge had some on social media claiming they heard real police reports of shootings, men in purge masks, and roving gangs. The potential for panic had some saying that police would declare martial law if a Chicago purge or a Detroit purge actually took place. Fortunately, the actual Louisville purge only resulted in a higher number of anonymous crime tips, although there were two murders committed that night and residents were glued to listening to the local police scanners.

The threat of a real life purge is based on the 2013 movie The Purge and the 2014 sequel The Purge: Anarchy, which has a fictional government declaring a 12-hour period in which people can commit any crime they want. Even though a real life purge never materialized, a little over a month ago police across the United States were still a worried the viral hoax could lead to something like the Six Flags fight. The teen who started the entire phenomenon originally intended the Louisville purge photo to be a silly Facebook joke, but the photo went viral and the idea spread quickly out of control.

"I was sitting in my house and watching 'The Purge,' and I thought of the tweet and picture that started it. But didn't think it'd get that big from there. I didn't mean any harm by this at all. I love my city."

Unfortunately, the Six Flags fight may have been the closest event to a real life purge to occur, according to the family and friends of the 15-year-old teen who beaten by a mob that was almost out of a movie.

"We've heard that there were kids chanting, 'Purge, purge, purge,' throughout the evening," said family spokesperson Zina Pierre. "We've heard more than one account that this purge phenomena is running rampant among our kids and it was certainly something that played a role in Saturday night."

Two days before the Six Flags fight, one person on Twitter asked: "What if a psycho starts killin people at Six Flags and everyone else thinks it's part of the purge theme?" Although Six Flags America denied ever having plans for a Purge movie theme, the idea apparently continued to spread throughout social media and the Fright Fest event was twisted into plans for a Six Flags "fight fest" which had large mobs of people brawling inside and outside the park.

While there were many reported injuries associated with the alleged real life purge, the worst incident involved the unnamed teen now lying unconscious in a medically induced coma.

"His life is lying in the balance as a result of someone randomly hitting him," said Pierre. "He was hit blindly by the perpetrators and he was staggering, trying to get up, and some else came along to finish the deed. He should be in school today. He shouldn't be in the hospital."

Doctors removed a portion of the teen's fractured skull during a three hour surgery in order to reduce the swelling of the brain, but they are uncertain whether the teen will be paralyzed or suffer from other permanent brain damage.

"We're just praying for a total, complete recovery and that the injuries will have no impact of any sort on speech or mobility," Pierre said. "You don't know if he's going to come out of this talking. We don't know if he's going to come out of this. We don't know anything. The doctors obviously can't tell us anything."