‘Bayonetta 2’ Does Poorly During Opening Week In Japan, Will The Game Jump To Other Consoles?

Ever since video gamers were introduced to Bayonetta back in 2009 (Japan) and 2010 (International), fans have clamored for the sequel. With the latter being a three-hitter classic of amazing action, great storytelling, and beautiful graphics, the game easily became a worldwide success. So when Platinum Games finally announced the upcoming sequel, fans were ecstatic — until they found out it would be a Wii U exclusive. Why the company responsible for other great games such as the video game adaption of Legend of Korra and Metal Gear Rising would do such a thing, nobody knows. It was then revealed that Nintendo funded the sequel thus purchasing exclusivity rights for the sequel.

Unfortunately for Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2 is not doing so well in sales in Japan despite glowing reviews across the board from numerous gaming websites.

According to an article by Kotaku, it reports that two different websites — 4Gamer and Dengeki Online — provided sales figures for the Wii U exclusive. Both of them were despressing as the former reports almost 39,000 units sold while the latter reports almost 29,000 units sold. Compare that to the sales figures of the original title at 321,000 units sold, the original sold almost nine times better than the sequel. Also, online commentators in Japan have taken to blasting insults such as “bombed” or even “congrats” directly to Bayonetta creator, Hideki Kamiya.

Kotaku also reports what they believe are the reasons for the poor sales of Bayonetta 2. First, they think that everyone is busy playing Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS, which sold over 321,000 units the same week as Bayonetta 2. Another reason is that it is exclusive on the Wii U in which the original title was on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The only reason it wasn’t on the Wii is because that system wasn’t powerful enough. However, it that is the case, Platinum Games is not at fault as their game was bankrolled by Nintendo. This also answers the question if this title will possibly be available on the Xbox One or Playstation 4 (which is a “no”).

Gamespot included in their article the amazing ratings that Bayonetta 2 received among numerous gaming sites. Famitsu gave the game 38 out of 40 and Edge gave it a very rare perfect score (10 out of 10).

Bayonetta 2 releases in the United States and Europe on October 24, 2014. Australia will receive the title one day later. Also, it should be reported that a hard copy of the original Bayonetta, ported from the Xbox 360, will be included with Nintendo additions such as the Samus Aran, Link, and Princess Peach costumes.

Now that you’ve read the news about Bayonetta 2 not doing so well in Japan, what do you think? Please let everyone know your views in the comments below.

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