New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton Breaks Leg During Sideline Collision

It’s not very often we report about NFL coaches being injured during a game but that’s exactly what happened on Sunday when New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton tore his MCL and fractured the tibia in his left leg following a collision with one of his own players.

The Saints were taking on Tampa Bay when Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was tackled and landed on top of his own coach, causing Payton’s injuries.

Payton stayed on the ground for several moments while receiving medical attention and was eventually helped to the teams bench where he propped up his leg and continued to make play calls.

Saints players were forced to clear out their two sideline benches so Payton could see the field until he was eventually carted away on a golf cart with 3:40 left in the first half.

After heading to the teams training room Payton watched the game on television while offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael took over play calling for the Saints.

Is this the craziest NFL story you’ve heard all week?