Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have $230,000 War Chest

Protesters for the Occupy Wall Street movement aren’t going in alone, the group has raised more than $230,000 in donations while amassing a warehouse full of supplies that range from tampons and toothbrushes to peanut butter and soups.

According to the New York Post the group is receiving 100-400 packages a day at at their tiny UPS mailbox and those packages including money orders and supplies. The organization is also receiving thousands of dollars in online donations from potential protesters who haven’t made their way to New York City or other Occupy locations.

Protesters have also been passing around a plastic bag throughout Zuccoti Park (where a tent city for protesters has been erected) which has been raising $1,000 a day for the cause.

Behind the groups financing is a 21-year-old CFO who spends his time as an art student, however the group meets each day with a “general assembly” which votes on expenses. For example a $2,250 charge for MetroCard swipes so protesters could get to Times square while the group accepted $500 in charges to make giant protest puppets including a Wall Street bull.

Among the groups supporters are Michael Moore who donated $1,000 and hip-hop legend Russell Simmons. Oddly enough the Simmons donation way declined by the group but they did not provide reasoning behind their decision.


Are you surprised that so many people from all walks of life are donating money and supplies to the Occupy Wall Street cause?