Diem Brown Admits She Is Feeling ‘Overwhelmed’ By Cancer Battle

Diem Brown has been brave in her fight against cancer in the past several years but now the MTV star says the seemingly endless battle is starting to get to her.

Brown, who was recently hospitalized with kidney problems, admitted in a recent interview that she is feeling “overwhelmed” by the ordeal.

Speaking to E! News, Diem Brown said that she is looking forward to simply “having one painless, fun day” in her future.

“That would help re-start everything,” the star of The Battle said, adding, “Since I’m basically confined to my apartment, I’m in nesting mode.”

In the meantime, Diem’s illness has actually inspired a bit of creativity to help her break through the monotony of cancer treatment.

“I want to rearrange my place and make it look like a new space,” she added.

Diem Brown had a bit of a setback this week when a blockage in her kidneys delayed the start of a round of chemotherapy treatment.

“I was supposed to get my ‘chemo cocktail,’ but after they did the blood draw they saw a spike in my kidney levels, so they were only able to give me one of the two chemos,” Brown told People magazine.

Diem learned that the blockage would mean emergency surgery.

“I didn’t realize that all the back pain was because of my kidneys,” she said. “They told me there I had complete blockage of my left kidney and 75 percent blockage of my right because of swelling and tumors, so they had to do a surgery and put in stents so things could flow normally again.”

But Diem has support in her battle. Boyfriend CT has been by her side, and the two were seen together lying in a hospital bed in a photo he uploaded to Instagram.

Through her cancer battle, Diem Brown has also vowed to give back. She started a site called MedGift that aims to help people struggling with the burden of medical bills. To date she has raised more than two-thirds of her $100,000 goal.