Social Security Fraud Investigation After Four People Found Chained In Basement

Local officials in Philadelphia with assistance from the FBI are investigating the case of four mentally disabled people who were found locked up in a basement so their social security checks could be stolen.

A janitor says they were doing checks of the building where the crime occurred and found the people locked up, he quickly let them go and then called authorities to report the crime.

Among the victims were a 29-year-old female and three males (31, 31, and 35).

According to police the victims were locked up for approximately one week and they were suffering from bed sores and other “injuries that are very, very hard to describe.”

Speaking about the incident Lt. Ray Evers said the group had moved from Texas to Florida and then to Philadelphia on October 4.


Police say that the people responsible are likely two men (51 and 51) and a 50-year-old female. Names for those suspects have not been released at this time.

Evers says of the people responsible:

“They’ll be charged with pretty much everything we can find in the crimes code … from aggravated assault to kidnapping to false imprisonment,” and “You name it, we’re going to stick it on them.”

Because of the human trafficking allegation the FBI have stepped in to help the investigation.