Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Split: Is Blake Cheating On Miranda While On 'The Voice'?

Are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert headed for a split? There seems to be a lot of divorce rumors about the two country stars floating around, mainly because of Blake's recent baby comments on Ellen. While promoting The Voice with fellow mentors Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine, Blake was asked if he and Miranda are going to have children... his answer was pretty surprising. Sure, it's cool if Blake and Miranda don't want to have children -- it's not for everyone -- but watch how Blake responds to the question in the video below.

This could just be Blake being funny, but the way he said "no," seemed a bit more telling, don't you think? Well, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Blake's public announcement that he and Miranda aren't planning on having children came as a bit of a shock to one person in particular: His wife. "Miranda was absolutely floored! She believed the only thing to save their marriage was a baby – and now it's not happening," revealed a source.

Blake Shelton has been accused of cheating on Miranda Lambert, perhaps because he was married when he met her and many believe that what goes around comes around. According to Showbiz Spy, Blake and Miranda have been living separate lives. While he's in Los Angeles working on The Voice, Miranda has been on tour. And being in two different places for extended periods of time is not exactly easy to deal with.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Miranda was just in Hawaii all by her lonesome, enjoying a day at the beach while prepping for a show in Honolulu. Shelton's schedule prohibited his attendance, but that didn't stop the split rumors from creeping up all over again.

It's tough to be in a relationship when your schedule is so demanding. While there are plenty of celebrity couples that have made it work, it doesn't come as easy for everyone.

A Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert split wouldn't be all that surprising, but so many people love them together and are really hoping that this two make it. Clearly, the two won't have any baby news any time soon if Blake was honest in his response to Ellen's question, but if they can make their marriage work, that's more important.

Do you think Blake and Miranda are going to make it? Are you surprised to hear that they don't plan on having kids?

[Photo courtesy of KKAJ]