Ben Affleck Tells Jimmy Fallon About Hilarious ‘Frozen’ Sing-Along With Son [Video]

In the eyes of children, what’s better than being Batman? Well, according to Ben Affleck’s kids, it’s singing Frozen. Affleck opened up about what his kids think of his new role while on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. When Affleck isn’t busy acting or directing, he’s busy being a father to his three kids; Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and son Samuel, 2. So naturally, the conversation turned to his home life with his kids while promoting Gone Girl.

Many reporters have asked Affleck what his kids think of his new role as Batman, and funny enough, according to the actor, his kids could not care less about his role as Bruce Wayne. If he had a role in the sequel for Frozen, that would be a different story. Affleck explained just how much all three of his kids love Frozen. It started with his two oldest daughters, and unfortunately for Ben, they passed that love of Frozen down to his son Samuel.

Affleck tells the stories of home life with his children with much gusto, which includes a hilarious impression of his 2-year-old son. Affleck told Fallon, “He’s always like, ‘Papa, can I watch Frozen?’ And I’m like, ‘No, dude, it’s not on again!”

In order to avoid watching the whole movie again, Affleck found small clips of different versions of the popular song “Let It Go” from the movie and stumbled upon Jimmy Fallon’s version with Idina Menzel. It was a hit in his house; that was until Samuel wanted him to join in on the fun and sing-along.

“He loves it. And he wants me to sing along. I can’t tell my son that I can’t sing. So I just [mumble] and he’s like, ‘No Papa, do it like the man!’ I was like, ‘First of all, I’m your father, okay? Jimmy Fallon’s not the man — I’m the man!”

He also told the Tonight Show host that he’s turned into one of those fanatical sports dad, even though he’s not really athletic. His older daughter, Violet, has started playing basketball, and Affleck has been on the sidelines unofficially assisting the coach.

“You remember in Parenthood, Ron Howard’s brother was yelling at the kid from the sideline? That’s me. I’m like, ‘Bend your knees!’ I don’t even know if you should bend your knees, I’m terrible at basketball!”

Check out this video of Affleck impersonating his 2-year-old son Samuel. Trust us, it’s worth a click!

[Image via YouTube]