McDonald’s beating: Cashier caught on tape attacking patrons with metal rod [Video]

A New York City McDonald’s cashier, Rayon McIntosh, was caught on tape attacking two unruly customers with some sort of a metal rod yesterday morning.

McIntosh, who was reportedly previously convicted of manslaughter, is now facing two counts of felony assault charges and one count of criminal possession of a weapon. The two women who McIntosh beat with the metal rod were also hit with menacing and disorderly conduct charges for allegedly initiating the confrontation.

The video shows the two women yelling at McIntosh from across the counter about their order. After a few remarks were exchanged, the women jumped the counter and slapped McIntosh, who proceeded to hit them with the metal rod.

The two women allege that as a result of the beating, one woman received a fractured skull requiring surgery and a broken arm, while the other claims suffering “substantial pain and laceration.”

The owner of the McDonald’s, Carmen Paulino, said she was “extremely disappointed” by McIntosh’s actions.


“The actions of this individual are unacceptable and not characteristic of my employees,” she said. “This individual no longer works for my organization.”

You can check out the harrowing (NSFW) video for yourself below.

Credit: WSJ, NBC NY