Bill Gates Warns Of Ebola Dangers, Foretells Prophecy About World Wide Danger

Bill Gates may be best known as the founder of Microsoft and arch nemesis to Steve Jobs, but his charitable work with the Bill Gates foundation is nearly unmatched in the realm of charity. His focus on education and the development of third world countries garners him the spot of one of the most compassionate humans on the planet, and now he is aiming his sights on the fight against the Ebola Virus.

Bill Gates is concerned that the lack of current control over the Ebola virus could lead to a mass spread to countries beyond West Africa, potentially even to the United States. With limited supplies of a vaccine, such as ZMapp, such an outbreak could cripple the world.

“Countries should get ready to handle a possible outbreak of the deadly hemorrhagic fever in case it spreads further as people from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea move across borders.”

When asked about his thoughts on increasing international aid over the last few weeks, Bill Gates was cautious to foretell whether it would solve the crisis.

“Because of that uncertainty, I am not going to hazard a guess.”

Currently, countries that have proper levels of healthcare have avoided an outbreak of the Ebola virus, whereas those that have sub par healthcare have become ravished by the deadly virus. The United States has sent the military to Liberia to assist in building temporary medical facilities and provide training for those in the care of Ebola patients. However, with over a million projected new cases by January of 2015, Bill Gates does not feel that is enough. So, he and his wife Melinda have started sending money to Nigeria to fight the epidemic. On top of the money he has already sent, he has promised another $50 million to hopefully stop the spread.

Bill Gates has praised the United States for leading the fight against Ebola, but feels the situation is further out of control than it should be.

“If we’d had [strong primary health care there], this epidemic would have been caught a month or two before it was.”

Bill Gates has focused his wealth on helping others, preventing childhood death, and helping to make education reachable. His hands on approach shows that he genuinely cares for the causes he supports and is not just throwing money around.

“If somebody gives a million on one side and somebody else gives a million on another side, that’s $2 million [dollars] that could have gone to a great charter school or inventing new vaccines or rolling things out. I don’t think my backing, putting a lot of money into political contributions is a way I’m going to try and help improve the world.”

Do you feel that Bill Gates and his charitable contributions could help end the fear that the Ebola virus has spread across the world?

[Photo Courtesy: Xahoi]