WWE News: The Undertaker Not Ruling Out A WrestleMania 31 Return?

The Undertaker; just the name rings of success and splendor. Mark Calaway, Undertaker’s pseudonym, gave his all to the WWE. Just a reference of the man brings out the best of any WWE Universe member. Nobody will ever forget his 21-0 streak at WrestleMania, simply because it will never be done again. There are many things that Taker did that won’t ever be duplicated. On top of it all, he remains an advocate for the business and outstanding presence in the locker room.

Reports popped up everywhere about Undertaker’s involvement in WrestleMania 31, after taking a huge beating at WrestleMania 30 at the hands of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. When the streak ended, so did the Undertaker; or so we thought. Since his face was plastered on a WrestleMania 31 bus, the Deadman was asked what his status is for the big event.

The Undertaker has not, by his own words, ruled out a return to WrestleMania. According to a reader who spoke with the Dead Man during his participation as part of a marathon in Texas, Taker said that he had “certainly not ruled out” competing at WrestleMania 31.

Taker reportedly added that he didn’t remember much about WrestleMania 30 due to a head injury he took, and that his favorite WrestleMania matches were against Shawn Michaels and Triple H.”

For the skeptics and realists, maybe the WWE and Undertaker have something up their sleeve. While most people still insist that Taker is done, he just said that isn’t ruling a return out. Let me say that again, Mark Calaway said he isn’t ruling out a return. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the other big question about his return: who will he feud against?

The obvious answer is Sting. Your guess was as good as mine, until Bray Wyatt sent out a tweet shocking the WWE waves.

Dare we try to travel into the mind of Wyatt, but what could this allude to? If Wyatt takes on the Stinger for a long program, then the Undertaker would have no match that makes sense at WrestleMania 31. It makes no logical sense to put Taker in a match against a random opponent. He feuded with them all. The only person he hasn’t wrestled is Sting. The WWE needs to recognize this before it is too late. Then again, the “scorpion” Wyatt is referring to might just be a metaphor for the Authority. That works too.

[Image via cagesideseats.com]