Missing Realtor’s Body Found: ‘She Was A Rich Broker’ Says Beverly Carter’s Suspected Murderer

The search for missing Arkansas real estate agent, Beverly Carter is over. According to Reuters, police found Carter’s body in a shallow grave at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The discovery of the realtor’s body came just hours after the arrest of suspect Aaron Lewis, a prison parolee who is now charged with capital murder.

Carter’s body was reportedly found near Cabot, 20 miles northeast of central Little Rock. FOX News reports that Lewis, 33, admitted to kidnapping the realtor when he was arrested, but did not admit to killing her. Shortly after his arrest, police were tipped off to the location of Carter’s body, and her remains were found hours later on a property in Cabot.

According to OzarksFirst.com, Lewis talked to reporters as he was being led out of the sheriff’s office after his arrest. He admitted that he was a “co-defendant” in the crime and stated that he kidnapped Beverly Carter because she was “a woman who worked alone” and a “rich broker.” The only words he had for Carter’s grieving family were, “I’m sorry.”

Carter was first reported missing last Thursday after showing a home in Scott, a small town that is approximately 19 miles from Little Rock. FOX News reports that Beverly’s husband, Carl last heard from his wife last Thursday when she called to tell him the address of the house she was showing.

Carter’s husband states spoke with HLN’s Nancy Grace shortly after his wife’s disappearance. He stated that “knew something was wrong” when he didn’t hear from his wife, so he headed to the house in Scott, only to find her car and an unlocked house.

It is not clear how Lewis was linked to the disappearance of Beverly Carter, 49, but CNN reports he was a “person of interest” in the missing realtor case, and he was initially questioned on Sunday when police responded to a car accident he was involved in. He was transported to a local hospital for injuries sustained in the accident, but at that time, police did not charge him for any crime.

A warrant for his arrest was not issued until Sunday when he was arrested on kidnapping charges. Lewis is now charged with capital murder and remains behind bars at Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility in Little Rock.

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