One Company Plans To Fight Back Against The FDA Gag Order For Natural Products

The FDA has recently come down on some companies for making "drug claims" about their products, telling them that they must cease. While many individuals represented by some of those companies are scrambling to come into compliance, one company is fighting back against what their director sees as a tyrannical attack on health freedom and the freedom of speech.

Earlier The Inquisitr reported that the CEOs of Young Living and dōTERRA essential oil companies received letters of reprimand from the FDA. Another company, Natural Solutions Foundation, received a similar hand-delivered letter. That company markets natural products including Nano Silver.

The FDA has taken issue with some of the claims made online by some of the representatives of the companies that their products can be used to treat and cure disease. Each company has reps who have published studies about viruses and Ebola. According to Health Impact News, the essential oils companies are "network-based marketing companies with independent distributors marketing the products on their own websites or out of their homes."

The FDA letter warns that some of the claims being made qualify the natural products as drugs under their definition, which states, "If a product is intended for a therapeutic use, such as treating or preventing disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body, it's a drug." If they are classified as a drug, then the products fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA and must be tested and approved as drugs.

In the past, they have sent out similar letters to companies that sold walnuts and cherries, declaring them drugs.

Walnuts Are Drugs - Claims FDA

Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D., the Medical Director of Natural Solutions, isn't taking the news lying down. In fact, she welcomes the challenge as an opportunity as part of the health freedom movement to take on the FDA in court.

In an open letter on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports website by Natural Solutions Counsel Ralph Fucetola, he writes,

"FDA has been itching to ban silver and other Natural Remedies for decades because they are cheap, effective, compete successfully with antibiotics, and are safe for everyone.

"And now they're giving us a chance to take them to Court! YES! This is the opportunity for which the health freedom movement has been waiting!"

Each of the companies affected maintain that their products are not drugs and that they do not actually cure disease, but they strengthen the body's own systems to heal itself. The government agency is demanding that the representatives of the companies refrain from citing scientific studies and word their marketing claims in such a way as to be in compliance with the regulations.

Dr. Rima sees that as the government insisting that people lie instead of telling the truth, as she told her radio audience on her Revolution Radio talk show. She and Fucetola believe that people have the right to hear the truth. They have tweeted such to their Twitter followers. They have a problem with the overreach of the government telling people what they can and cannot say. Fucetola says, "So what does the FDA say we should do? Pretend that these natural remedies are a 'drug' and apply for FDA approval! Seriously."

They see the FDA warning as an un-Constitutional demand that they lie about their products.

They also cite a Department of Defense study which has tested Nano Silver 10 ppm against ebola, and found it effective. Laibow says that, since they have a nutritional product that can work against ebola, for her to be silent and not share what she has learned would be the same as participation in genocide. Dr. Rima asks how can she not tell the truth about what she knows.

The FDA is not saying that any claims made by the companies are false; it is saying that the statements are not allowed to be made because only a drug, not a nutritional supplement or natural product, can treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

The censorship of health claims by any other than doctors about anything besides drugs is hardly new. More than a century ago, in 1911, a battle raged in the U.S. between allopathic doctors and all other types of health practitioners. Thomas Morgan wrote a scathing piece in the Youngstown Vindicator about the attack on health freedom and the ability of people to speak about alternatives to drugs for health.

"Under the pretense of protecting the 'dear people' from imposition by 'grafters, fakes, unscrupulous and incompetent doctors,' the allopathic school of doctors have procured the enactment of iniquitous and tyrannical laws in nearly every state in the union; which practically gives them a monopoly of the healing art. In so doing, they have been guilty of the worst form of deception and double-dealing, and more to be feared then highwaymen; because they pose as our friends and protectors. In reality, the object of such laws is to give a monopoly to the doctors who are in the ring, and to enable them to outlaw all others.

"If the doctors were sincere and honest in their declaration, they would welcome any method or means of relieving and curing human ailments. Instead, they have persecuted and prosecuted hundreds if not thousands of men and women, whose only crime was to cure people when they had been left to die by the doctors.

"The Allopathic school of doctors, since the dawn of its existence, has at all times endeavored to suppress everything new that has come up in the medical line. They opposed Homeopathy, the Eclectics, Osteopaths and all methods of drugless healing."

Each of the companies that received warning letters from the FDA have been told to stop talking about their products' abilities to impact health, because the FDA construes such statements as drug claims.

The government agency has claimed exclusive domain over anything that it decides is acting as a drug. In the spirit of American liberty and standing up for health freedom as well as freedom of speech, Natural Solutions Foundation has decided to take on the powerful agency, in hopes of securing health freedom for the American people. Like the early patriots, they are declaring to the FDA, "Don't Tread On Me."

[images via Campus Reform and InfoWars]