HLN To Televise Giudice Sentencing October 2? Joe And Teresa’s Fears Become Reality

Will the Giudice sentencing be shown live on HLN this Thursday? RHONJ stars Joe and Teresa Giudice will be in federal court on October 2 and fans are anxious to find out what will happen inside the courtroom.

For fans who want to see real-life drama unfold on live TV, it looks like they will have to wait to hear about it from Joe and Teresa on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion Bravo will be filming next month. Due to a federal ruling, HLN will not be allowed have cameras inside the courtroom and Bravo won’t be permitted to film the sentencing either. However, if you are in the Newark area, you may be able to squeeze in to a packed courtroom for the 10 a.m. sentencing.

According to USCourts.gov, electronic media coverage of criminal proceedings inside a federal courtroom is prohibited under a ruling that was adopted back in 1946. Photography and videotaping is not allowed, hence the reason that you often see drawings by courtroom artists instead of actual photos or video footage.

The court sketch artist that drew Teresa and Joe Giudice needs to find a new job. #RHONJ pic.twitter.com/A7TBuIsEfv — Eric Appel (@erockappel) July 31, 2013

NJ.com states that Joe Giudice could face up to 47 months in court for fraud and his wife, Teresa could be put behind bars for up to two years. However, her lawyers are hopeful that the judge will allow Teresa to serve her sentence under house arrest so she can care for the couple’s four children.

There have been countless rumors about how things will turn out for the reality stars. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there is speculation that Teresa may divorce Joe in an effort to keep her job as a RHONJ castmember. Celebrity Dirty Laundry recently reported that Teresa is pregnant with her fifth child and Bravo is firing her after five years of being on the popular reality show.

Of course, none of these rumors can be confirmed, but there is one thing that RHONJ fans do know: the Giudice sentencing is going big news this week.

Because the federal court case can’t be televised, all eyes will be on the Twitter for up-to-the-minute information from a swarm of reporters that will be waiting outside the NJ Courthouse on Thursday. Fans who want the most timely and rumor-free information about the Guidice sentencing should follow US Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey on Twitter @USAO_NJ.

Are you disappointed that the Giudice sentencing won’t be broadcast on live TV on Thursday? Do you expect the judge to hand down a harsh sentence for both Joe and Teresa, or will they get special treatment because they are celebrities?