'Model' Heather McCartney Strips Naked At Football Game, Attacks Cops, Goes Viral On Twitter

Jonathan Vankin

Heather McCartney, a Scottish-born model living in Australia, stripped naked in a corporate sky box, danced, and even attempted to climb naked out of the box in front of a crowd of nearly 100,000 at the conclusion of the Australian Rules Football championship game, played Saturday at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The Australian Football League Grand Final — basically, the Australian Super Bowl -- where 26-year-old Heather McCartney ripped off her clothes and went the "Full Monty" -- was also the highest-rated TV broadcast of 2014 in Australia. But it was unclear whether any of McCartney's all-nude antics were captured by television cameras.

While McCartney — no relation to the stepdaughter of Beatle Paul McCartney, also named Heather McCartney — claimed that the naked stunt was simply the result of a dare that got out of hand due to her own excessive alcohol intake as well as a prescription medication she takes, authorities are now investigating whether the model, who flew in from her Gold Coast home more than 800 miles away, was paid to perform the in-the-buff stunt.

Adding to the spectacle, when police officers attempted to take McCartney into custody, she bit an officer on the finger, punched another in the face, and attacked an officer with her high heel shoe — while reportedly screaming, "F*** off, I don't have to tell you anything. You f*****g r****d!"

Police later called her "drunk, unsteady on her feet and totally incoherent" at the time of her arrest.

Photos of her performance have turned McCartney into an internet sensation. While The Inquisitr is not reproducing any of the Heather McCartney nude photos here, they have been widely circulated on Twitter and other social media outlets, such as at this NSFW Twitter link. Please do not click the link if you are offended by nudity.

Under her stage name Eva Darling, McCartney maintains a Facebook page featuring numerous risque shots of herself, including one posted Sunday of McCartney clad in a "barely there" bikini holding a football, with the caption, "Eventful weekend."

The championship game between Hawthorn Football Club and Sydney Swans was won easily by Hawthorn, McCartney's team of choice. She said that she had accepted a dare from a friend to "get naked" if Hawthorn won the game, and at the conclusion of the contest, she fulfilled her end of the bargain, she told Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper.

"I got naked as I had a bet on that if Hawthorn won, I would flash quickly. No shows or performances," she told the paper, denying that she was paid to strip. "I was not hired as an escort and was in the box with friends."

But the paper spoke to a witness inside the corporate box, which was leased to a Melbourne company, Edgeton Properties. The witness said that McCartney was indeed a hired stripper, and was even offered double her pay "if she got naked and cheered in front of everyone."

Edgeton Properties issued a statement tersely denying that it "hired a stripper" for the Australian Football championship game. But the Melbourne Cricket Club, which runs the stadium, says it continues to investigate.

Heather McCartney was fined $300 and released after a judge decided that her lack of any previous criminal record, and her apparent remorse, showed "good character."

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