‘Castle’ Spoilers: Season 7, Episode 1 Features Kate ‘Driven,’ Rick Missing In Shocker-Filled Show

Castle returns with Season 7 Monday night on ABC, and fans cannot wait to get started with new episodes. Everybody was left hanging in the Season 6 finale after Rick’s car accident. Where do things go from here? Castle spoilers break down some of the details about what lies ahead.

Of course, Beckett is facing an enormous challenge when Season 7 opens as she investigates Castle’s accident. She will learn many details about what happened, but will she find her fiance? Jon Lindstrom of General Hospital and Matt Letscher of Scandal guest star in the Season 7 premiere titled “Driven.”

TV Line breaks down some specific Castle spoilers for anxious fans. An extended preview shares the first moments of the show, and they are intense. Fans will be hooked from the first minute in an episode that kicks off Season 7 in grand fashion. That said, teasers indicate that there are many twists along the way in this first episode of the new season.

Season 7 picks up right where Season 6 left off, with Beckett getting the call about Castle’s car accident right before their wedding. She will race to the scene and scramble to get to the car. Soon she will see that Castle wasn’t in the car. From the sounds of things, fans will want to make sure they catch every second of the first seven minutes of the show in particular.

The Castle spoiler preview of the first few minutes of the Season 7, Episode 1 show reveal that once it is determined that Rick wasn’t in the car, everybody jumps into action to figure out just what happened. Detectives come to believe that Rick was run off the road then dragged by at least two others and pulled away.

Rick will be seen in the Season 7 Castle premiere, but not until about one-third of the way through. In addition, apparently he is seen in an unexpected way. From the sounds of various spoilers and teasers floating around, it seems there may be water involved in this one.

Everybody will be speculating about Castle being missing, with some wondering if he has a secret life and others wondering if he got cold feet. Though nobody has revealed quite yet just who is behind Rick’s disappearance or what led to it, it does appear that things may not turn out to be quite what viewers have been expecting.

Lindstrom plays an FBI agent while Letscher plays someone who provides information that changes the course of the investigation. It becomes known in “Driven” that whoever has Castle seemingly has unlimited resources.

Though “Driven” picks up right where Season 6 wrapped, there is a time jump mid-way through the premiere. It seems this is a fairly sizable time jump, which has fans wondering just what lies ahead as Season 7 moves forward. Just how long will Castle and Beckett be separated?

The Season 7 premiere will only give a few hints regarding what is behind Rick’s disappearance. Though fans have been quite busy since the Season 6 finale tossing around theories, supposedly nobody has hit the mark yet. Castle spoilers from Screen Spy seemingly indicate that the time jump will skip about two months, and the whatever happened to Castle will come as a big shock to viewers.

Screen Spy adds that Kate will be shaken to the core as she learns more about Rick’s disappearance, and viewers may be shaken as well. Could it be that what viewers thought they knew about Rick all this time was not at all the case? The teasers make one thing clear, and that is that Season 7 of Castle is going to be a wild one. It all kicks off Monday, September 29 on ABC.

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